AFL Danielle Laidley Wife Joanne Laidley - 5 Facts About Their Relationship

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Dean James Laidley is a former AFL legend who played Australian rules football ( Source : Mixedarticle )

Joanne Laidley, Danielle Laidley's lovely wife, has a lovely name. She is well-known for being Danielle's wife and is a very inspiring wife who has been encouraging to her spouse.

A smart woman, Joanne has been taking care of her family and assisting her husband at work. She has a strong personality, in addition to being recognized as Danielle's wife.

Former AFL legend Dean James Laidley played Australian rules football both as a coach and a player. From 1987 until 1997, Dean played AFL with the West Coast Eagles and North Melbourne.

Dean, a father of three, is now more comfortable referring to himself as Ms. Dani Laidley. Dani is proud to be a member of the LGBTQ community.

News of Dani's shifting appeared after the Victorian police force posted a photo of her wearing cosmetics and a wig. Dani complained to the Victorian police about the cops' invasion of someone's privacy.

Quick Facts About Danielle Laidley

NameDainella Laidley
PartnerJoanne Laidley
BirthMarch 27, 1967
ChildrenKane Laidley, Molly Laidley, Brooke Laidley

AFL: Who Is Danielle Laidley Wife Joanne Laidley?

Dean Laidley, who underwent sexuality change surgery in 2020 and is now known as Dani, was previously wed to her current partner, Joanne Laidley.

The previous couple no longer cohabitates. Although Dean's parents and siblings have not yet been made public, the coach did allude to Dean's mother, Carmel Freiburg, following his arrest in 2020 on suspicion of stalking.

Dean Laidley with his wife Joanne Laidley
Dean Laidley with his wife Joanne Laidley ( Source : cnn59 )

Regarding Joanne Laidley, she is a businesswoman and well-known for having been Dean Laidley's mistress in the past. Dean is now known as Dani Laidley, a coach and player in Australian rules football. In 1967, Joanne was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

On March 27, 1967, she was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She is a citizen of Australia. According to the records, Joanne grew up with her siblings and relatives.

She hasn't yet revealed anything regarding the identities of her parents, siblings, or any family members. However, it is well known that both her mother and father were prosperous businessmen.

The wife of Dean Laidley is also a very intelligent woman. She reportedly attended a nearby private school in her hometown. Soon after completing her studies, she started working in several financial organizations to support herself.

Joanne Laidley has a height of roughly 1.6 meters, or 5 feet 4 inches, or 162 centimeters. She is also reported to weigh around 132 pounds, which is roughly 60 kg.

Additionally, she has lovely grey eyes and dark brown hair. She currently lacks information about her real body measurements and other pertinent details regarding her physical attributes.

Five Facts About Dean Laidley And Joanne Laidley's Relationship

1) Danielle Laidley And Joanne Laidley Dated For Long Time Before Getting Married

Before deciding to get married, Danielle and Joanne Laidelye dated each other for a considerable amount of time. When the couples first meet, they fall in love right away.

Joanne is the one with whom Dean envisions his future, as Dean has always known. The pair successfully cracked the code to wed, and the rest is history.

Dean and Joanne Laidley dated for long time before getting married
Dean and Joanne Laidley dated for long time before getting married ( Source : ghbase )

They used to be one of the most popular couples in the sports world, but regrettably, they are no longer together. The spouses decided to separate for their own personal reasons.

Joanne is currently enjoying her life and is succeeding in both her personal and professional spheres. She has avoided social media because she dislikes being around the media.

2) Dani Laidley Is Dating Donna Leckie Since 2020

Donna Leckie, a friend from childhood, and Dani Laidley are currently dating. On November 9, 2020, the couple began dating. Ever since they have been a couple.

Dani and Donna continue to exchange images. Dani is considerably more at ease now that the AFL community and the larger community have accepted her decision to transition.

Dani Laidley with her girlfriend
Dani Laidley with her girlfriend ( Source : foxsports )

His field aggression earned him the moniker "Junkyard Dog," and in his professional and personal life, he has been involved in several conflicts and scandals.

The Junkyard Dog, who transformed into a woman in 2020, has revealed his long-kept secret. Dani began transitioning in November 2019 after being diagnosed with dysphoria in 2017.

3) Joanne Laidley Has Always Been Supportive Wife To Dani Laidley

Joanne Laidley always supported Dani in his every decision in life. When Joanne heard about his sexuality transition she was very much supportive and she respected his decision.

Since their divorce, Dean and Joanne was very close, making it exceedingly difficult for them to maintain a committed relationship without having faith in one another. Even while everyone must do their share, Joanne has more delicate duties to fulfill to be a decent wife.

Dani Laidley is doing great in his personal life
Dani Laidley is doing great in his personal life ( Source : abc )

Although they have split up, they are still on good terms. They both have a connection because they have children together and were married for a very long time.

Although they appreciate one another, they haven't been spotted together in public for a while. Dani is frequently seen in public where.

4) Joanne Laidley Ex-Husband Dani Laidley Charge

After Dean was caught by the police for stalking, there were some allegedly false calls about leaked images of him. According to images posted on social media, the former NFL player and coach was sporting a blonde wig and cosmetics.

Laidley grew up in Balga, Western Australia, a working-class northern suburb of Perth
Laidley grew up in Balga, Western Australia, a working-class northern suburb of Perth ( Source : au )

They appear to have been photographed in the police station after Dean was taken into jail on a Saturday for alleged stalking offenses. He did not request bail after receiving further charges, thus he remained imprisoned.

5) Dean Laidley Hide His Sexuality From Joanne Laidley For A Long Time

Laidley said that she felt bad for taking time away from her spouse, kids, and the West Coast Eagles in the 1990s, but she admitted that she would use every spare moment to investigate her sexuality identification.

She decided one day that she would make her first public appearance as a woman and kept a garbage bag full of outfits and cosmetics in a hole in her ceiling.

Dani Laidley looking gorgeous
Dani Laidley looking gorgeous ( Source : sportbible )

Today, Dani has a few priceless hours to herself, and she intends to make the most of them. She's going to give in to a long-repressed urge at last,' she recalled.

Before she was overcome by the "dizzying" experience and forced to return to her car, Laidley coerced herself into doing a round through Perth's Subiaco markets.

Who Are Kane Laidley, Brooke Laidley And Molly Laidley?

Kane, Brooke, and Molly Laidley are the children of Dani Laidley. Throughout their marriage, Laidley and her better half have been blessed with three children.

Her lone child and the two females in the family are both fathered by Dignitary. The couple's most enduring memory of a girl is Molly Ledley, the youngest of the three kids.

Dani laidley with his kids
Dani laidley with his kids ( Source : cnn59 )

Then Dean and her partner invited Ken Leadley, their future kid, to the party. After a protracted separation, the couple remarried, and Brooke Ledley became their young daughter.

The family kept up its stance on life safety at this time. The fact that Kane Laidley is a skilled performer is the most important thing that has been learned about Dean's kids.

Kane pursues his career as a DJ. People can learn more about Kane by visiting his Instagram profile, @novaaneaus.

Over a thousand followers have flocked around Kane, who has frequently been transferred. Anyway, because neither Molly nor Brooke are web entertainers and Dean did not follow them, there was very little knowledge of them.

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