Did Aisha Jumwa Win Kilifi County Governor Seat? Meet Her Husband And Children

By Sriyukta Pradhananga | August 10, 2022 09:48 AM

Aisha Jumwa is a household name in Kenyan Political world and she is one of the five who are running for the position of Governor of Kilifi County ( Source : Nairobinews )

Aisha Jumwa, age 45, the current MP of Malindi, is running for the position of Governor for Kilifi County. Aisha is facing tough competition from Mung'aro Maitha Gideon, with the result expected to be declared in the next few hours.

The politician, whose full name is Aisha Jumwa Karisa Katana, is one of five politicians who was given clearance by IEBC last month to vie for the Kilifi governor seat.

The woman, who at one point in her life had to drop out of her school, is currently vying to be the first woman governor in Kilifi county.

  • Mung'aro Maitha Gideon and Aisha Jumwa are head to head in the election.
  • Last month Aisha Jumwa skipped the Kilifi gubernatorial debate.
  • Aisha has had a history of controversies. In 2019 she was arrested for murder.
  • Aisha has married twice and has one daughter each from both the marriage.
  • She was previously in a relationship with her bodyguard Geoffrey Otieno

Quick Facts About Aisha Jumwa

Full NameAisha Jumwa Karisa Katana
Age 45
Date of Birth March 23, 1975
Ethnicity Giriama
Marital StatusDivorced
Children2 ( Selina Selume Sidi and Karisa Kalume Karisa)

Who Is Aisha Jumwa? Biography Details

Aisha Jumwa is a member of the Kenyan Parliament, representing the Malindi constituency. She introduced herself to the world of politics in 2017 when she was elected to the ODM party.

From 2013 to 2017, Aisha was the Woman representative for Kilifi County and served as the commissioner of the Parliamentary Service Commission.

Aisha Jumwa is one of five candidates eyeing for the Governor seat in Kilifi county
Aisha Jumwa is one of five candidates eyeing for the Governor seat in Kilifi county( Source : Instagram )

Aisha has been involved in many controversies throughout her political career.

The Malindi MP was charged with murder on October 22, 2020, over the death of Ngumbao Jola. Jola died in the chaos that ensued during campaigns for a by-election in Ganda Ward on October 15, 2019.

Jumwa, along with her boyfriend Geoffrey Otieno, was involved in the case. Otieno was her bodyguard and driver at that time.

What Was The Kilifi County Governor Election Result?

The counting for the governor election is currently going on, and last night, a huge controversy happened when the ballot boxes arrived with broken seals.

The five major runners for the Kilifi Country Governor Election are Franck Esposito, a Kenyan of Italian origin, Former Devolution CAS Gideon Mung'aro, Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa, lawyer George Kithi, and Engineer Dzombo Mbaru.

Esposito was seemingly confident about his victory, and a week ago, he even said that his followers need not worry about his win.

But currently, as the counting is going on, Esposito is far behind Jumwa and Mung'aro.

Who Is Aisha Jumwa Husband? 

Aisha Jumwa has married twice and has a long history of complicated relationships. There isn't much information about her first marriage, but she has a daughter from her first marriage, Selina Selume Sidi.

Aisha then married the politician Karisa Nzai Munyika in the early 2000s, the two later divorced in 2014, and the two have a daughter Karisa Kalume Karisa.

Aisha along with her ex-lover  Geoffrey Okuto Otieno were charged for murder on October 22nd 2020
Aisha along with her ex-lover Geoffrey Okuto Otieno were charged for murder on October 22nd 2020( Source : Whownskenya )

The reason for their separation came as Jumwa was elected as the woman representative for the whole of Kilifi county, while Karisa Nzai was elected as the Jomvu ward MCA.

Aisha recently made headlines again with comments that she has a lover but won't get married again.

Jumwa made it clear that she left her first husband because he gave her the ultimatum to choose between her career or married life, and the famous politician chose her career instead.

Aisha was also previously linked with her bodyguard Geoffrey Otieno, and the two stayed in a relationship for six years. 

Otieno was married to Judith Awinja when his affair with the politician started.

Aisha dumped him in July 2021 when the court case was going on.

What Is Aisha Jumwa Education Background? Degrees

Aisha completed her primary education at Takaungu Primary School, from where she received the Kenya Certificate.

To further her education, she joined Ganze Secondary School and completed her high school studies in 1992.

Aisha had to go through tough times during her childhood in order to complete her higher education
Aisha had to go through tough times during her childhood in order to complete her higher education( Source : Instagram )

Jumwa took a lengthy pause in her education as she finally graduated from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in 2012.

Aisha had to battle poverty growing up, which made her quit school. 

She started a small business of her own to continue her education.

What is Aisha Jumwa's full name?

Aisha Jumwa's full name is Aisha Jumwa Karisa Katana.

Is Aisha Jumwa married?

Aisha has married twice and divorced her previous husband, who is a politician.

When was Aisha Jumwa born?

Aisha Jumwa was born on March 23, 1975.

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