Corinne Grousbeck: Celtics Owner Wyc Grousbeck's First Wife

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Corinne Grousbeck is an advocate, philanthropist and mother of a Perkins graduate, has been appointed Chair of the Perkins Board of Trustees
Corinne Grousbeck is an advocate, philanthropist and mother of a Perkins graduate, has been appointed Chair of the Perkins Board of Trustees( Source : perkins )

The mother of a Perkins alumnus and philanthropist Corinne Grousbeck has been named chair of the Perkins Board of Trustees. Corinne Grousbeck, the mom of a Perkins student, never gave up trying to improve Perkins.

She is the first wife of Celtics Owner Wyc Grousbeck. Grousbeck has two children whom she loves the most: Campbell Grousbeck and Kelsey Grousbeck.

Quick facts

NameCorinne Grousbeck
Birth placeUnited States of America
SpouseWyc Grousbeck(divorced)
Relationship statusSingle

Corinne is a successful woman who is highly respected for her work and determination. She is an inspiration for many women out there.

Some FAQs

Who Is Boston Celtics Owner Wife?

 Boston Celtics Owner Wyc Grousbeck's wife's name is Emilia Fazzalari. They are married for 5 years as of 2022.



Who Is Corinne Grousbeck? Celtics Owner Wyc Grousbeck's First Wife

The Perkins Board of Trustees Chair is Corinne Grousbeck. She spent approximately 28 years with Wyc Grousbeck as her husband before ending their union.

Despite being married to a famous actor, she has achieved great success and is well-known for her unique personality. She is a person of great strength.

Corinne is the mother of two kids, and both are quite proud of their mom. She is intelligent and beautiful, managing her personal and professional life easily.

Corinne Grousbeck with her ex husband Wyc Grousbeck
Corinne Grousbeck with her ex husband Wyc Grousbeck ( Source : twitter )

She oversaw the Trust Board, which generates money for Perkins, co-chaired the annual Perkins Possibilities Gala for nine years, and was a member of the Perkins Board of Trustees for ten years.

Grousbeck now has the chance to go even further. On November 3, she was appointed to lead the Perkins Board of Trustees.

She is tremendously honored that her fellow Trustees have chosen her to be their new Chair after she spent ten years on the Board, according to Grousbeck. She is happy to work with Perkins to create fresh, cutting-edge plans to accomplish our goal.

Grousbeck has put a lot of effort into earning all of her current success. She has earned every single dollar because she firmly believes that effort pays off.

Five Facts About Corinne Grousbeck

1) Corinne Grousbeck Replaced Frederic M. Clifford From Chair Of PerkinsBoards of Trustees.

Frederic M. Clifford, who has been Chair since 2008, is replaced by Grousbeck. Corinne, according to Clifford, "is a talented, articulate advocate with a superior awareness of the issues faced by those who are blind."

She has great faith in her ability to lead and is content to leave the Chair's duties in her capable hands. Grousbeck's role as Chair will involve directing Perkins' five divisions Perkins Products, Perkins International, Perkins Library, and Perkins eLearning, toward continuing success.

Corinne Grousbeck is a self made woman
Corinne Grousbeck is a self made woman ( Source : bostonherald )

Grousbeck played a key role in creating Perkins' 17,000-square-foot Grousbeck Center for Students & Technology, which serves as the focal point of the institution's efforts to fully integrate technology into all facets of students' life.

It was built in 2011 and included a student center, an internet radio station, and a teacher training facility. It was funded by a gift from the Grousbeck Family Foundation and was inspired by Campbell and his classmates.

2) Cornnie Grousbeck Was Married To Wyc Grousbeck

Corinne Grousbeck was married to Wyc Grousbeck, and the reason behind their divorce is not revealed yet. They remain friends, even though they are not together, and respect each other.

Corinne Grousbeck with her husband
Corinne Grousbeck with her husband ( Source : bostonglobe )

Her American businessman spouse Wyc is the primary owner and governor of the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association. Wyc got married to Emilia Fazzalari in the year 2017.

Grousbeck is living a happy life now after her divorce. She has moved on in her life, and now she is doing great in her career and personal life.

3) Corinne Grousbeck Has Received New England Women's Leadership Award for Community Service

Grousbeck has assisted various other neighborhood charities in addition to Perkins, such as the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and Boston Children's Hospital.

For her work with Massachusetts organizations, she received the New England Women's Leadership Award for Community Service in 2011.

Corinne Grousbeck is a big hearted woman
Corinne Grousbeck is a big hearted woman ( Source : youtube )

She is a compassionate woman who constantly considers the welfare of others. She also cares deeply about children and frequently donates to support those without parents.

Corinne is renowned for having a huge heart because she donates and is constantly engaged in charitable activities. Everyone likes her, and they adore her for who she is.

4) Corinne Grousbeck Is A Well Educated Woman

The University of Michigan awarded Corinne Grousbeck a BBA. She has experience working for companies including Procter & Gamble, Saatchi & Saatchi, Gemvara, Inc., and others as a marketer, advertising executive, and brand strategist.

She has been very good at studies since her childhood, and she always secured very good marks. Corinne also helps disabled children.

Corinne Grousbeck has BBA degree
Corinne Grousbeck has BBA degree ( Source : twitter )


5) Corinne Grousbeck Has Pretty Impressive Net Worth

Corinne Grousbeck is no doubt living a luxurious life. She owns a luxurious mansion and has amazing car collections.

Corinne Grousbeck with one of her friend
Corinne Grousbeck with one of her friend ( Source : improper )

Talking about her net worth, Corinne has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. She is a multi-talented woman, and she earns good money from various sources.


Who Are Corinne Grousbeck Childrens?

Corinne Grousbeck has two kids, Campbell and Kelsey. In 1993, Campbell Grousbeck was born. At the moment of his birth, he suffered from a severe sight handicap. In the hopes that his vision might improve, he did wear glasses, but that did not happen.

Because of this, Campbell experienced prejudice from a young age. Corinne, his mother, then took the helm of BlindNewWorld, a social change initiative to dissolve emotional and social divides between sighted and visually impaired individuals.

Corinne Grousbeck with her son
Corinne Grousbeck with her son ( Source : bostonglobe )

In contrast, Kelsey Grousbeck, Corinne Grousbeck's daughter, is a married lady. She and Matt Cosby exchanged wedding vows on July 15, 2018, at Camp Jabberwocky's beach location. Since Corinne was 13 years old, she had volunteered there after being motivated by her blind brother.

Additionally, Kelsey is currently employed at the camp as a counselor. She had previously worked at Perkins School for the Blind as a market research analyst. Corinne also has a Master of Business Administration from the Questrom School of Business at Boston University.

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