Isabelle Balkany Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

By Amisha Thapa | August 5, 2022 03:42 PM

Isabelle Balkany is the French politician ( Source : Gala )

The 74-year-old French politician Isabelle Balkany is receiving postoperative care at her home after being diagnosed with life-threatening cancerous lung tumors called Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET).

Isabelle and her husband Patrick Balkany were accused of tax evasion, for which Patric has already been imprisoned. But due to the weak condition of Mrs. Balkany, she is being treated.

Balkany had to undergo 5 hours of surgical operations to remove the right middle lobe and part of the bronchus. But, right after her prolonged operation, postoperative complications arose.

As of now, the health condition of French politician Bernard Balkany is much more fragile and unbearable than it was before. If the scenario worsens, she will undergo intensive treatment in the coming months.

This is not the first time Belkany has been hospitalized; she attempted suicide in February and was rushed into the emergency sector. Since then, she has been in the hospital.

Likewise, she also tested positive for COVID-19 when she was getting treatment for her suicide attempt. But recently, after long days in the hospital, she was discharged and is recovering at her home in Giverny (Earl).

Update On Isabelle Balkany's Lung Cancer Treatment

The former member of the Les Republicans, Isabelle Balkany, has been diagnosed with right lung cancer, Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET). 

However, even after undergoing several treatments and surgeries, it seems like the health of Balkany is not finding a way to get better, but more difficulties are blocking her way.

The French politician had undergone 5-hour long operational surgery, which did not help her out. Instead, the surgery to remove the right middle lobe and a portion of the bronchus added to her health problems.

Isabelle Balkany with Patrick Balkany
Isabelle Balkany with Patrick Balkany( Source : Lejdd )

Recently, on Saturday, June 4, she was discharged from the hospital and is currently following recovery at her home in Giverny in the Eure.

By that time, if she had not been diagnosed with any health issues, she would have been summoned by the courts for the execution of a sentence for tax evasion.

The deteriorating health condition of the former French politician has been pushing her several charges, including false statements, tax fraud, and corruption, away from her. 

Isabelle Balkany with Patrick Balkany
Isabelle Balkany with Patrick Balkany( Source : Journaldesfemmes )

Following her fragile condition, the court found applying any charges to her immoral and has patiently waited for her to ameliorate from the life-threatening disease.

Before attempting suicide, on her Twitter account, she had posted:

I just want to sleep. Sleep. Exhausted by age, hatred, others, anxiety for the man of my life, the wound, incurable, of the "scrub" of what I could do positively, Thank you to those who made me happy to love me... and to my 4-legged loves! "

She had publicly posted an equivocal message via her Twitter account just a few minutes before attempting suicide by inhaling a lot of her usual treatment before the first trial.

How Old Is the French Politician Isabelle Balkany? Age Revealed

Isabelle Balkany, the French 74-year-old former first deputy mayor of Levallois-Perret, has been suffering from various health issues, including COVID-19, suicide attempts, mental exhaustion, and lung cancer.

With the following lists of life-threatening diseases, her court hearing and charges are delayed as she cannot be imprisoned following her health condition.

The French politician, Mrs. Balkany, had not just attempted suicide once but had repeated the similar activity several times, concluding that she needed some therapy.

Isabelle Balkany with Patrick Balkany
Isabelle Balkany with Patrick Balkany( Source : Herault-Tribune )

While Mrs. Balkany is stuck between life and death, Mr. Balkany is being incarcerated for tax invasion, and his request for parole has been refused by the judge several times.

However, the court is looking forward to Isabelle getting better soon so she can replenish the charges of 3 years of imprisonment for commutation tax fraud and evasion.

Mrs. Balkany, a former Union for a Popular Movement member, spent nearly four months between the hospital walls following her crucial condition of physical and psychological health.

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Where Is Isabelle Balkany's Husband, Patrick Balkany?

The French politician's married couple got involved in the tax fraud case and is under judicial attention. However, Patrick has been serving three years of jail imprisonment, whereas Isabelle is getting treatment at her house.

Patrick Balkany is a former member of the National Assembly of France who represented the 5th constituency of the Hauts-de-Seine department.

However, at the age of 73, when he should be retired and resting, he is currently incarcerated and will serve for at least three years.

The sentence of the former member of the National Assembly of France, Patrick Balkany, will end on April 21, 2023, and his several petitions for parole have been repeatedly refused.

On March 4, 2020, the Paris Court of Appeal upheld the couple's tax evasion conviction and handed them a three-year prison term. They were put under electronic bracelets in March 2021 due to a significant tax evasion scheme that began with this.

According to justice, since March 2021, their electronic wristbands have rung 100 times. The Balkany spouses' home in Giverny, the Cossy mill, was under house arrest.

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Is Isabelle Balkany available on Instagram?

No, the French politician accused of tax evasion, Isabelle Balkany, has not created any Instagram accounts, but she does have access to Twitter and Facebook.

She is still invested in Twitter and frequently posts several pictures, tweets, and replies to several posts. Moreover, she loves her pet frogs unconditionally and has posted about them.

Likewise, on Facebook, she has been quite active. She shares several thoughts, pictures, and videos on her Facebook account.

However, like any other media personality, there are a few people who want the best for her, while there are a few others who feel she should be imprisoned.

In addition, if you want to visit her social media pages, you can click the link below:

Twitter: @ibalkany

Facebook: Isabelle Balkany

How Long Has The Balkan Couple Been Married?

Isabelle Balkany and Patrick Balkany have been married for more than four decades since 1976. Both have a French politician background and were previously respected French politicians.

However, things did not turn out right for them, and they got involved in a tax fraud case, which resulted in three years of prison. Both were involved in illegal activity, which cost them a high price.

Likewise, Mrs. Balkany is in the treatment process for lung cancer, whereas her husband, Patrick, is serving the charges in jail.

The fact that the couple has been together and supported each other through every up and down in their lives cannot be denied.

Does This Balkan Couple Have Children?

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Balkany have two children, Alexandre Balkany and Vanessa Balkany.

The first child, Alexandre Balkany, is a French businessman born on July 23, 1980. He is married to Solenne Gallagher.

Vanessa Balkany is their second daughter, a businesswoman in France. The Belkany couple has established a better future for their children.

Banky couple in their son's wedding
Banky couple in their son's wedding( Source : Photo )

Likewise, the pictures of Isabelle and Patrick Balkany on the wedding day of their son Vanessa Balkany with Solenne Gallagher have gone viral in France.

They also have pet dogs that they consider their children. Mrs. Belany posted several pictures of their furry friends on her Twitter account.

More information on their personal lives has not been revealed. Their current relationship with their children is still unknown.

Some FAQs

What is Isabelle Balkany suffering from?

Mrs. Isabelle Balkany is suffering from neuroendocrine tumors (NET).

When did Isabelle Balkany and Patrick Balkany meet?

Patrick Balkany and Isabelle Balkany married in 1976.

Do the Balkany couple have children?

Yes, they have two children, Alexandre Balkany and Vanessa Balkany.

Why are the Balkany couple facing court punishment?

The Balkany couple is facing court punishment for tax evasion.

How long will the Balkany couple face imprisonment?

The Balkany couple will face three years of imprisonment.

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