Who Is Michael Hing's Girlfriend Hum Mahbub? Instagram Post Reveals They May Have Gotten Engaged

By Sampada Sharma | August 5, 2022 09:00 AM

Michael Hing uploaded a photo of his girlfriend Humyara "Hum" Mahbub yesterday. ( Source : Instagram )

Michael Hing's girlfriend, Hum Mahbub, is an illustrator and one of the creators of the ABC series Why Are You Like This.

As a Leo and the child of migrants, Hum has always placed particular importance on having enough money to support herself and anyone else she loves. 

The Asian-Australian has always drawn pictures, but to express concrete stuff that other people might understand, she started adding words.

To know more about the stunning beauty that caught Hing's eye enough to put a ring on it, continue scrolling. 

Who Is Michael Hing's Girlfriend Hum Mahbub? 

Michael Hing's girlfriend, Hum Mahbub, is a lawyer and an illustrator based in Sydney. She has been drawing comics for more than ten years, and some of her work is available on Patreon for free.

When she was a teenager, she read a lot of Dinosaur Comics, A Softer World, Hark A Vagrant, and Perfect Stars.

Many may know her as one of the creators behind the ABC series Why Are You Like This, alongside Naomi Higgins and Mark Bonanno. Higgins approached Hum to write about their friendship. 

Naomi Higgins and Humyara Mahbub wrote the ABC series Why Are You Like This based on their friendship.
Naomi Higgins and Humyara Mahbub wrote the ABC series Why Are You Like This based on their friendship.( Source : Marieclaire )

As a Muslim woman, Hum had enough experience to create a believable narrative for the show. She especially enjoyed the Ramadan episode contemplating different kinds of women and Muslims. 

The two met at Splendour one year because Naomi's boyfriend and Hum's boyfriend were performing on the same night. According to Higgins, Hum's most significant flaw is that her favorite movie is Ocean's Eleven and that she is pro-Matt Damon. 

Hum is on Instagram under the handle @humyara where she has 966 followers. She has set her account to private. 

Are Michael Hing and Hum Mahbub Engaged? 

Michael Hing uploaded a photo of his girlfriend, Humyara "Hum" Mahbub, with an engagement ring between a series of pictures with his friends at 5:30 am on July 25. 

The photo has been received with overwhelming joy, with many wishing congratulations on the newly engaged couple.

Lucy Smith was one of the first to comment on the sly insertion of the picture in between photographs with his friends. "HE LIKED IT SO HE PUT A HING ON IT." 

Michael Hing may have proposed to his girlfriend Hum Mahbub last night.
Michael Hing may have proposed to his girlfriend Hum Mahbub last night. ( Source : Instagram )

After getting over the shock that Hing is engaged to his long-time girlfriend Hum, they have started analyzing his excellent ring choice. 

Hum is part of the Indie comic publishing scene and has already self-published three books. 

Michael Hing Wikipedia Details

Michael Hing is a comedian, a terrible party guest, and a recently engaged man. The man whose work has appeared on ABC2 and Triple J popped the question to his girlfriend Hum Mahbub yesterday.

His betrothal came as a surprise to his followers, who keep up with his posts on his Instagram @hingers. Of his 25.1K followers, only 2.3K know of the good news. 

The former host of ABC's Good Game is currently the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League host. 

Although his girlfriend is an illustrator, Hum finds comics to be the shallowest part of any relationship she has with art, even though it's the form of art she does most frequently.

The stuff she believes is more critical is wordless, but not in a sense it doesn't have words, but more like it's more on an emotional level that cannot be adequately articulated. 

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