NFL Coach Erik Chinander Wife Children & Salary 2022

By Abhishek Joshi | September 20, 2022 12:00 PM

Erik Chinander with her daughters ( Source : Mobile )

NFL Coach Erik Chinander wife, Megan Chinander was blessed with a baby girl. However, Nebraska's defensive coordinator is having a difficult time regarding his career. 

Erik's daughter, Sophia, was born during spring ball. He is undoubtedly the greatest father and husband to his small family.

Meanwhile, the responsibility of being a family head lands excellent support in his professional career for emotional support.

Erik often talks about his family and his daughters to the media, and his cute little daughters support his dad through their participation in his games. 

However, as mentioned above, Erik is having difficulty dealing with his professional carrier because he has been chucked out as a defensive coordinator at Nebraska.

After the announcement, interim head football coach Mickey Joseph announced that he was relieving the defensive coordinator from his position.

Over the games of the 2022 season, Erik has given up an average of 514 offensive yards per game. Scott Frost, a former head coach at Nebraska, brought Chinander from UCF to Lincoln in 2017.

Chinander, who is in his 20th year of coaching, was in his sixth season as Nebraska's defensive coordinator.

Know More About NFL Coach Erik Chinander Wife Megan Chinander

Quick Facts About Erik Chinander

Name Erik Chinander
Birth  19 December 1979
Wife Megan Chinander
Children Two Daughters and a son
Net Worth $2 million

NFL Coach Erik Chinander wife, Megan Chinander, has a beautiful family with three kids. Their son Penelope James Chinander was born last August. 

Penelope was born healthy and cheerful, right in the middle of the two dates her parents had been anxiously anticipating all summer.

Erik is a caring family man. He carried a phone with him during practices and meetings for the first time in his 11-year career in late August as Penelope's due date approached.

He was free to depart immediately and be by his wife's side if Megan went into labor.

Erik Chinander and his wife Megan had their daughter; it was the day their lives changed and the beginning of the most memorable season in Ducks football history.

Erik father with his grandkids
Erik father with his grandkids ( Source : mobile )

Erik is an American football coach born on December 19, 1979. He most recently served as the University of Nebraska-defensive Lincoln's coordinator.

He represented Iowa in collegiate football. Additionally, he served as Scott Frost's defensive coordinator at UCF for two years.

He oversaw the unbeaten squad from 2017 that finished No. 6 in the final AP Poll. 

Erik Chinander Has A Complete Family With Three Children

Erik Chinander and Megan have three children: two daughters and a son. Their son Penelope was born in 2014.

The Chinanders first met in 2009 at a friend's house. Megan was a student at Wartburg College, 17 miles away, visiting her twin sister at UNI.

At the same time, Erik was a former Iowa Hawkeyes lineman turned Northern Iowa coach.

They were living in little Iowan hometowns of Allison and Bristow, rural areas whose combined populations would barely fill one section of Oregon's Autzen Stadium, were eight miles apart and ten years apart.

Defensive coordinator Erik has been fired
Defensive coordinator Erik has been fired ( Source : cornnation )

Since they initially met, their lives have undergone numerous changes:

  • An engagement
  • The passing away of mother in 2010
  • A wedding in July 2011
  • The arrival of Penelope in 2014

They moved from Iowa to Eugene, Philadelphia, to raise their children in the best place nearby. To have beautiful kids around him with a supporting wife is what inspired Erik wanted all the time.

Did You Know? Erik Chinander Father Passed Away In A Car Crash

According to the Iowa State Patrol, the father of Husker defensive coordinator Erik Chinander deceased in an automobile accident in October 2021. Gene passed away at 69.

According to an ISP crash report, Gene failed to stop at the intersection of Highway 3 and Highway 14 while traveling southbound on Highway 14 in Allison, Iowa.

Gene's truck veered off the road and struck a semi-trailer parked in an adjacent parking lot. He was reported deceased on the spot.

Erik's father Gene was also a coach
Erik's father Gene was also a coach ( Source : klkntv )

Erik's father, Gene Chinander, had a long career as a high school coach. When his father had an accident, Erick was in the fourth season of Erik Chinander's tenure as Nebraska's defensive coordinator.

Ted Carter, president of the NU system, posted on Twitter, "Lynda and I are praying for Coach Erik Chinander & his family after the sad loss of his father."

Furthermore, it read, "We are extremely fortunate to have Coach Chinander leading our student-athletes as a member of our university family. Coach, the entire Husker Nation is behind you."

Erik Chinander Net Worth And Salary

According to, Erik Chinander net worth is estimated at $2 million. 

While Erik was the defensive coordinator, he earned $800,000 per annum, and Mike Dawson, the defensive line coach, made $500,000 yearly.

The University's athletic department has not yet disclosed the compensation of former TCU running backs coach Bryan Applewhite, who joined Nebraska.

Regarding the assistant football coach compensation pool among conference schools, Nebraska has often been in the middle of the pack.

Erik Chinander net worth is estimated at $2 million
Erik Chinander net worth is estimated at $2 million ( Source : cornnation )

Even the money given to Frost's staff's five newest workers won't significantly alter the payroll standings.

Whipple and Chinander's salaries are also significantly lower than those of some of their contemporaries at other Big Ten universities.

However, we have to watch keenly where Erik will join, and his income package will be disclosed timely.

Five Things To Know About Erik Chinander

  1. Erik was born on 19 December 1979.
  2. Erik is married to his wife Megan Chinander. 
  3. Erik and Megan have three children. 
  4. He was Scott Frost's defensive coordinator at UCF for two years.
  5. Erik was most recently the defensive coordinator at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

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