Rogerskaer From TikTok Is Famous For "Find Out" Video

By Abhishek Joshi | September 29, 2022 07:45 PM

Roger Skaer a 51 year old raising TikToker
Roger Skaer a 51 year old raising TikToker ( Source : ladbible )

@rogerskaer is a TikTok star known for his real name Roger Skaer. He has a unique perspective on everything he describes. 

Roger is a 51-year-old bald man known as Roger posted a video on Tuesday that has received 3.6 million views in which he explains a highly crucial graph that needs to be taken seriously.

The graph illustrates the relationship between playing about and learning, two legitimate measurement levels.

In the funny viral video's conclusion, supporters wish they'd known sooner. His video recitation was, "the more you f*ck around, the more you find out, but if you never f*ck around, you'll never find out."

One individual commented on this vital information I didn't acquire in college classes, adding, "Changing lives, dude."

Rogerskaer TikTok Videos Have Created A New Wave

Rogerskaer TikTok videos have certainly created a wave with his unique perspective. One admirer even claimed that this video was their favorite TikTok ever made.

Roger has been called many things, including a "genius." Roger has created many other popular videos before.

In a recent post, he discussed the significance of Ford drivers always carrying a caravan with them in case of this specific scenario and how his Ford broke down.

Roger's remarkable wit and ability to make a popular film are all known, although we know he has been wed to Tiffany Skaer since 2004.

On Tiktok, the "f*ck about and find out" video has been patched by thousands of users.

Rogerskaer TikTok videos have been adding up audience
Rogerskaer TikTok videos have been adding up audience ( Source : twitter )

One creator said, "when someone wants my information without joining my mastermind group," and then the video transitions to Roger's act.

'F**k around and find out is a chart that 51-year-old TikToker Roger Skaer, who had 23,000 followers on TikTok, displays in a video he released in September.

"As you can see, the more you mess around, the more information you're going to discover," he said.

Furthermore, he said, "And you'll never find out if you stay down here and don't do anything. I sincerely hope this lecture was helpful to you."

Following his stunning work, Roger currently has 26K followers on TikTok, which is growing hourly. 

Roger Skaer Is Called Genius Analyst About Life

Roger Skaer is called a Genius analyst about things he usually does. His video revolves around life, car, vending machines, and much more. 

Roger's video was a huge hit among viewers, garnering 3.7 million views on TikTok.

The video was also uploaded on Twitter, receiving over 400,000 likes for the message with the remark, "This is my favorite clip on the internet."

One remark with over 2000 likes stated, "This is strangely both cautionary and motivating at the same time."

Roger has garnered a huge applaud On Twitter
Roger has garnered a huge applaud On Twitter ( Source : twitter )

Another person said, "I wish I had learned this in school. As more people find Roger's video on their For You Pages or Twitter feeds, it appears that it will remain popular online for some time.

Roger's video has amassed millions of views across various social media platforms.

Five Things About RogerSkaer

  • @Rogerskaer's real name is Roger Skaer. He is raising TikToker in the USA.
  • Roger Saker is a 51-year-old who calls himself 51yearoldbaldman.
  • Roger gives a unique perspective on daily life and things that youngsters adore. 
  • He has 26K followers and 968K likes on TikTok.
  • His most viewed video is F*k Around and Find Out, with 4 million views.

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