Animal Cruelty Video Of Daddy Aioli Gato Prompts Twitter Netizens To Attack Him Online

By Sampada Sharma | August 5, 2022 09:00 AM

Joshua Guerrero aka Daddy Aioli is a 20-year-old Mexican influencer. ( Source : Celebrilla )

After releasing a TikTok video of him abusing his cat, Daddy Aioli Gato, 20, is facing criticism on Twitter.

After a video leaked in which daddy Aioli appears to be mistreating his cat, thousands of individuals have already asked for Daddy Aioli's accounts to be banned and for legal action to be taken against him.

The TikTok star is a Mexican influencer who generates content regarding fitness and bodybuilding. He discusses his routines, weightlifting stories, and diet in his TikTok videos.

TikToker Daddy Aioli Gato Criticized On Twitter For Animal Cruelty Video 

After a TikTok video of Daddy Aioli Gato abusing his cat went viral on several social media platforms, he lost thousands of fans overnight.

He hits the cat's head with his fist before grabbing it by its neck, dropping it on the floor, and then kicking it. 

Daddy Aioli hasn't made a public statement regarding the incident, despite taking the video down from TikTok.

A video of the initial footage was uploaded by user @DavidMonroyMx on Twitter. In the comments area, he has also posted screenshots of Daddy Aioli's social media profiles for people to unfollow and report.

His Instagram account @daddy.aioli has been deleted in response to the outcry on social media. However, whether this resulted from user complaints or the influencer's voluntary removal is unclear.

Who Is Daddy Aioli Gato? Wikipedia Details

Joshua Guerrero is a well-known TikTok star, bodybuilder, and physical trainer better known by his online handles Daddy Aioli Gato and daddyaioligato.

His TikTok bio states that he is highly religious and strives for an anime physique. After a video of the influencer punching his cat went viral on Twitter, he began to receive attention on social media.

Guerrero feeds his pet food supplements intended for human use, which might be harmful to the cat's health, was also brought up by animal rights groups and online users.

Due to this and the severity of the law for animal maltreatment, internet users have asked that he be removed from social media.

Daddy Aioli Gato Real Name And Age

Daddy Aioli Gato, real name Joshua Guerrero, is 20 years old. 

He resides in CDMX, where a conviction for animal abuse carries a penalty of six months and two years in prison.

The Guadalajara government declared on its social networks that the brutalized kitten had already been rescued after hundreds of people on Twitter accused him of torturing his cat.

Meet Daddy Aioli Gato On TikTok

Mexican influencer Daddy Aioli Gato has 1.7 million followers on TikTok under the handle @daddy.aioli and had close to 500,000 before Instagram deleted his account.

His social media career started around the time of the COVID-19 outbreak, and in just two years, he has racked up 50.9 million likes on TikTok.

@daddy.aioli I’m what remains #gym #foryoupage #parati #fyp #ejercicio #fitness #foryou #daddyaioli #xyzbca ♬ After Dark - Mr.Kitty

His supporters have voiced their disappointment in him in texts, and some have said they will no longer support him.

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