AFLW: Facts To Know About Melbourne Star Sabreena Duffy

By Rojina Shakya | September 23, 2022 06:59 PM

Sabreena Duffy did a fundraising for "Kids in care create their own path" to benefit Create Foundation Limited. ( Source : Gofundme )

Sabreena Duffy is a footballer well-known as a Fremantle player and star forward.

Apart from sports, the 22-year-old athlete is involved in the fundraising program, contributing to some specifics.

Sabreena Duffy has come to attention after playing her first game in Melbourne colors and will be making up the Demons' emergency list. 

AFLW: Facts To Know About Melbourne Star Sabreena Duffy

Sabreena Duffy was raised by her foster parents, Bethy and Peter McKinnon, and they play a vital role in her life. 

She was born to her parents on March 26, 2008, but for some reason, she was left in the care of a foster home.

Fortunately, her life took a new turn when Duffy met her co-parents, Mr. and Mrs. McKinnon. The love of her foster parents and the game of football helped her shape and developed a sense of pride and belonging.n

And the player considers herself lucky to have her foster parents by her side, and she believes them as her entire world. Likewise, she also regards her foster parents as angels from heaven.

In some of her interviews, Duffy publicized that her foster dad was instrumental in her development into one of Australia's most exciting young football talents. And, when she got drafted, her father moved to tears and was more emotional than him.

Likewise, Duffy's dad also always made his presence at her games and always could see her potential, even when there were days she would come home from training exhausted and think she couldn't do it anymore.

Duffy's family also consists of McKinnons' three biological daughters, and her parents have raised six girls. 

Sabreena Duffy has Tattoos With Her Parents' Names

Sabreena Duffy has tattoos on each of her arms, as per AFL. And she has tattooed her foster father and mother's name there.

She notes that her mom Bethy is her sun and moon as her foster mom gave her life. This is why she has both her arms filled with her name.

It is learned that the athlete has been living with her parents (moving straight into their care) in Perth since she was taken from the hospital as a child.

Sabreena Duffy Has Not Mentioned Much About Her Biological Parents.

Sabreena Duffy never finds herself reluctant to compliment the parents who raised her. However, things take another turn when it comes to her blood parents.

It's not that Sabreena Duffy does not know who her biological parents are. But, it's just that she does not need them in her life; thus, she prefers to give limited to no information about the parents who gave birth to her. 

Sabreena Duffy pictured talking on playing in front of the Freo Faithfuin 2019.
Sabreena Duffy pictured talking on playing in front of the Freo Faithfuin 2019. ( Source : twitter )

Sabreena Duffy Family

Sabreena Duffy has spoken about her difficult family situation before. While growing up, she decided to cut her parents out of her life at ten years old because of their persistent drug use. Though it was tough to decide, it's commendable how she brought that courage to come out of her toxic childhood.

However, she surely concluded the story of her upbringing and ended it with a happy ending by saying how lucky she is. As some people sometimes don't get into the foster care system, and they're living in their cars and things like that, she feels fortunate that she did not have to experience such hardships.

Duffy's family includes her two biological siblings (two older sisters), and she loves them to pieces. And, to live with her (biological) sisters is something most (foster) families don't get to have. 

Sabreena Duffy Maintains Privacy About Her Boyfriend Or Love Life.

Sabreena Duffy has never revealed her dating life history to the public, so the information about her boyfriend or husband remains unexplored on the web.

Sabreena Duffy Net Worth And Salary- Athlete's Colleague Career Earnings.

Sabreen Duffy's net worth is expected to be between $1 to $5 million.

According to Reuters, the minimum salaries in the AFL Women's (AFLW) competition ranges from AUD 20,239 to AUD 39,184, and the best two players at each club will receive A$71,935, up from A$37,155 last season. This means as an athlete of AFLW, and she might be earning 20 to 30k.

Sabreena Duffy awarded with B.O.G. in 2021.
Sabreena Duffy awarded with B.O.G. in 2021. ( Source : twitter )

Sabreena Duffy Contract Stats And Position.

Sabreena Duffy's AFLW stats is in the declining phase.

About her contract, she got signed by Melbourne as a free agent after withdrawing from the 2022 season due to wanting mainly to focus on her career with the Department of Justice.

As a result, Fremantle delisted her at the end of the season, and a few weeks later, she was soon listed as a free agent.

Sabrina Duffy was born and Bred Freo was a part of Fremantle members.

Though she achieved the dream of getting drafted to Fremantle, her journey was filled with hidden anxiety battles.

Sabreena Duffy made her debut in AFLW for Fremantle in the year 2019. And she has developed into a dangerous talent up forward; thus, she also got the opportunity to sign up for the deal with The Demons in June 2022, following the NAB AFLW draft.

Duffy organized the fundraiser to benefit Create Foundation Limited a month ago.

On August 2022, Sabreena Duffy posted on the Go Fund Me platform that she shaved her head to create awareness for all the children in the "Foster care system." Likewise, she also holes to give them confidence and belief in themselves.

Well, AUD 1,590 has been raised for the 2,000 Australian dollars goal at the time of this post.

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