Who Is Betty Bachz? Meet The Co-Founter Of Møy Atelier On Instagram

By Gaurav Thapaliya | August 16, 2022 01:59 PM

Betty Bachz, Chinese Norwegian Enterprenuer who is founder of Møy Atelier Eyewear ( Source : Scmp )

Betty Bachz is the co-founder of the independent eyewear firm Møy Atelier, which creates Scandinavian-inspired eyewear handcrafted in Japan. 

Betty created Møy Atelier in 2017, after which British Vogue called the independent eyewear company to watch. It is now a frequent partner of major fashion brands and institutions. 

Betty Bachz teamed with A-D Just on a new jewelry line in 2021. She and Stacey, A-D-creative Just's director, discovered a lot of similar ground in Chinese heritage and decided to collaborate, creating a buzz in the media.

Betty Bachz's rounded eyewear design, the "Osiris," a £195 midsize-to-small oval form with a twist "rehashed for the modern customer in London, is currently popular and the best seller. She believes its popularity originates from Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid's Y2K-inspired attire.

Who Is Betty Bachz? Wikipedia Details

Betty Bachz is a Chinese Norwegian entrepreneur born in China. She moved to Norway with her family, and her Chinese immigrant parents raised her.

Bachz traveled to Trondheim, Norway, from Shangai after her father, a Ph.D. in chemical process technology, was placed on an exchange program in Norway to work in the oil industry.

Bachz stated that as the only Asian child at her school in Norway, she was bullied for her appearance and accent, particularly by the girls. She claims that being different taught her tolerance and acceptance.

She holds a master's degree in economics, an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics, and a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of St. Gallen. In addition, Bachz has done an Exchange BSc in International Economics, Management, and Finance from the Università Bocconi.

Betty Bachz announcing collaboration with Pantechnicon.
Betty Bachz announcing collaboration with Pantechnicon.( Source : Instagram )

She started Møy Atelier, an eyeglasses firm, after working as a hedge fund analyst for two years.

Betty's expertise in eyewear earned her the title of 'eyewear guru' at Vogue Scandinavia. Betty collaborates with a variety of brands, providing her distinct artistic direction. A woman of many talents, she has lately directed a series of short films.

Betty believes it is necessary to encourage other female business owners as people don't know it, but it's still primarily a male-dominated environment.

Betty Bachz Age and Height

Even though Betty's precise birth date is unknown, she is assumed to be in her early 30s based on her photos. She celebrates her birthday on November 23. Bachz graduated from the University of Bocconi in her early 20's in 2010, and she completed her master's in 2014.

Betty Bachz at the Queen's Polo Cup Final.
Betty Bachz at the Queen's Polo Cup Final. ( Source : Instagram )

She briefly resided in London with her mother when she was 11. The Chinese Norwegian model began her career in the fashion industry when she was 15 years old. 

Betty almost stands more than 5'5'', assuming from her pictures.

Meet Betty Bachz Boyfriend

Betty and her boyfriend recently spent a lovely summer weekend in west London's Chiswick neighborhood. They explored antiques at The Old Cinema, savored a sweet treat at Foubert's Gelaterie, and picnicked at Chiswick House & Gardens. Her mystery man's identity remains unknown. 

There is an article titled "Twenty-four hours in Chiswick" about the time she spent with her lover, in which she discusses how she spent time with her boyfriend but is very careful not to divulge his name.

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Is Betty Bachz on Instagram?

Betty Bachz is on Instagram, where she has over 32K followers. Her first post was on October 14, 2016, and she has been active on her social media account since then.

Bachz frequently updates about her lifestyle and promotes many beauty products and her own company on her Instagram, Møy Atelier. You can follow @bettybachz to know more about her lifestyle.

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