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Scottish Lawyer Aamer Anwar's Beautiful Wife Ifet Anwar - 5 Untold Facts To Know About

By Sriyukta Pradhananga | August 7, 2022 08:03 AM

Aamer Anwar and his wife Ifet Anwar have been happily married for 16 years and are each other's backbone. ( Source : Twitter )

  • Ifet Anwar is the wife of Scottish Lawyer Aamer Anwar, who is currently in the headlines for taking a stand against the Scottish Cricket Council.
  • Ifet Anwar is a Pakistani woman who practices Islam.
  • Ifet is in her mid-40s and a mother of three kids

Scottish lawyer Aamer Anwar is a human rights activist, a lawyer, and a loud-mouth, who never backs down. He is currently in the news for representing former Scottish players Majid Haq and Qasim Sheikh, who brought forward the racism allegations against Scottish Cricket.

Aamer Anwar is a busy man and probably doesn't have much time to give to his family. But he has a beautiful wife Ifet Anwar, with whom he has been happily married for 16 years. 

Ifet is more than a wife of a famous activist as there's more to this Pakistani woman.  

Who Is Ifet Anwar? The Wife Of The Scottish Lawyer Aamer Anwar

Ifet Anwar, the wife of Scottish lawyer Aamer Anwar, is a beautiful woman seen along with her husband in his rallies. Ifet is the wife of a famous lawyer, a property solicitor, and a working mother.

One glance at Ifet, and you might think she has found a perfect balance in her personal and professional life. But the lawyer has been through many difficult situations throughout her years.

She was involved in an accident, which she lost and was called out for using race cards. Her husband has received death threats and suffered racial abuse. All these cases have mentally stressed her out in one way or another, but she doesn't show it.

So, let's get to know this strong woman in a more detailed way. 

Everything You Need To Know About Aamer Anwar's Wife, Ifet Anwar 

Ifet Anwar is a working mother, with three kids to raise at home.
Ifet Anwar is a working mother, with three kids to raise at home.( Source : Twitter )

1. Ifet Anwar Is Wife Of The Scottish Lawyer Aamer Anwar

Aamer Anwar met his wife, Ifet Anwar(then Raza), at Strathclyde University in 1997, where the couple pursued a law degree. Aamer recalled in one of his interviews that Ifet was hesitant to be in a relationship, but in the end, she finally gave in, and the couple started dating.

They tied the knot in 2006 and are parents to three lovely children, Qais, Lylah & Kyrah. Aamer and Ifet have always supported each other through thick and thin. With Aamer involved in many high-profile cases throughout the years, Ifet has always backed her husband.

Ifet the wife of Scottish lawyer Aamer Anwar who has always supported her husband through thick and thin.
Ifet the wife of Scottish lawyer Aamer Anwar who has always supported her husband through thick and thin.( Source : Heraldscotland )

In August of 2006, when Ifet got into a car accident, Anwar came rushing to his wife's aid. The couple said they were racially targeted after a Scottish woman bumped into their car and called them out. The woman who was an office manager then said to Ifet, "What's with you Pakistani's sticking together?"

It was a shame that they went on to lose the case as Sheriff Coutts didn't find the couple credible enough but decided to pick office manager Lorraine Ferrie's side. The Sheriff went on to say that the couple just wanted to play the race card.

2. Ifet comes from A Pakistani Background

Ifet Anwar and Aamer Anawar come from Pakistani backgrounds. Ifet's family is Muslim and hails from Pakistan. The couple met each other in Scotland and got approval from their family before exchanging vows.

The couple celebrates Eid every year along with their children and friends. They both cherish their culture and have ingrained knowledge about their rich heritage in their children as well.

Aamer and Ifet, even though have been racially abused by many, they have never backed down in accepting who they are and their culture. They have always shown pride in their culture and have supported those who do not have the platform to share their stories.

3. She Is In Her Mid 40's 

The commercial property lawyer is in her mid 40's. In the accident we talked about before, she was said to be 29 years of age and after 16 years of that accident, we can say that she is either 43 or 44. She was married to Aamer Anwar on February 19, 2006.

In 2008, she gave birth to son Qais, the couple's first child. In 2011, the couple had their second child, daughter Lylah. Three years later, they gave birth to their third child Kyrah in 2014.

Ifet Anwar continues to succeed in her personal life as well as in her professional life. A working mother, Ifet has been a doting wife and a perfect mother to her family. Ifet unlike her husband keeps herself away from the public limelight and doesn't have any social media handle.

4. The Couple Have A Combined Net Worth Of Millions

Being involved in many high-profile cases throughout the years, Aamer Anwar has won several of them, gained media attention, and earned a lot of money. Ifet Anwar, one of Scotland's top solicitors, makes an average of $60k annually.

Aamer Anwar has a net worth of $1.5 million and lives a comfortable lifestyle with Ifet and their three kids. Aamer's firm, Aamer Anwar & Co, has built a fearsome reputation in their country. The law firm has some of the best lawyers in Scotland and has won the Lawyer of the Year award regularly.

Aamer Anwar as seen addressing crowd in Catalan in 2019 after representing former Catalan minister Clara Ponsati.
Aamer Anwar as seen addressing crowd in Catalan in 2019 after representing former Catalan minister Clara Ponsati.( Source : Dailyrecord )

Ifet is involved with Pacitti Jones, one of the most successful estate agents in Glasgow, Scotland. Pacitti Jones provides the best services to its clients. Both husband and wife have amassed their wealth by being leading lawyers.

Aamer and Ifet continue to live in Glasgow, Scotland and reside in the poshest area. They are friends with some of the biggest names in politics and law.

5. Ifet Anwar is A Property Solicitor

Ifet Anwar is a property solicitor in Pacitti Jones and graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2001. She has gained vast experience since graduating in both Commercial Property, Commercial Leasing, and Residential Property work.

With over 15 years of experience, she has been involved in significant commercial property transactions and all aspects of residential conveyancing. 

Aamer Anwar has fought many high profile cases throughout the years and the biggest one being fight for independence of Catalan.
Aamer Anwar has fought many high profile cases throughout the years and the biggest one being fight for independence of Catalan.( Source : English )

Ifet also deals with Wills, Trusts, Executries, and Power of Attorneys. She is also a registered Notary Public. Ifet has acted for many clients and matters, including investors, banks, nurseries, car garages, golf courses, builders, dentists, hotels, and restaurants. 

Being bilingual she has the skills to deal with clients living in different parts of the world. She has been a highly sought-after lawyer and has been given great reviews by the clients of Pacitti Jones.

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