AFL: Is Isaac Smith Related To Nathan Buckley?

By Abhishek Joshi | September 26, 2022 11:00 AM

Norm Smith Medal 2022: Isaac Smith received medal from Nathan Buckley
Norm Smith Medal 2022: Isaac Smith received medal from Nathan Buckley( Source : com )

Isaac Smith is not related to Nathan Buckley. However, he received the award of the Norm Smith Medal for best afield in an AFL Grand Final from 2002 winner Nathan Buckley. 

Isaac Smith became the oldest player to win the award, awarded to the player considered best in the decider. 

Smith had already established his reputation as a triple-premiership player, but the Geelong wingman has earned a new spot in the game's annals by winning the Norm Smith Medal.

The veteran, who joined Geelong as a free agent late in his career at 31, put on a spectacular Grand Final performance on Saturday that defied his experience and age.

Smith has excelled on the wing, earning him the medal after being named the best player by four of the five panelists. 

However, Nathan Buckley won the first Rising Star Award in 1993. Buckley became one of the best players in the game, leading Collingwood from 1999 to 2007.
Nathan won the Norm Smith Medal for best player in the field in the 2002 Grand Final.

Isaac Smith is related to Nathan Buckley due to Norma Smith. However, he doesn't have any family relations with Nathan. 

Isaac Smith and Nathan Buckley both have won Norma Smith awards. Isaac won the Norma Smith award from Nathan Buckley this year. 

Full Name Isaac Smith
Birth 30 December 1988
Wife Candice Quinlan
Children 2
Net Worth $4 million

Who Is Nathan Buckley?

Nathan Charles Buckley is a former professional Australian rules football coach, player, and pundit. He was born on July 26, 1972.

Buckley is ranked as one of the top 50 players by journalist Mike Sheahan. Buckley won the first-ever Rising Star Award in 1993.

He rose to the sport's top, leading Collingwood from 1999 to 2007, winning the Norm Smith Medal for the player on the field in the 2002 Grand Final despite being a losing team member.

Isaac Smith receiving Norm Smith Medal from Nathan Buckley.
Isaac Smith receiving Norm Smith Medal from Nathan Buckley. ( Source : foxsports )

Buckley became only the third player in history to do so and was named to the Collingwood Team of the Century.

Nathan captained the Australian international rules football team against Ireland and was chosen for the All-Australian Team seven times.

Buckley was officially inducted into the Collingwood Hall of Fame in 2004. He announced his retirement and started working as a pundit for the Seven Network in the 2007 AFL season.

For the seasons 2010 and 2011, Buckley was the Collingwood senior coach. He continued in that role until stepping down midway through the 2021 season, keeping a generally successful career record.

Isaac Smith is not related to Norm Smith other than being awarded the famous Norm Smith award in 2022. However, in the ceremony, Smith remembered his grandfather on an auspicious day. 

Following Geelong's 81-point victory over Sydney in the grand final, Norm Smith Medalist Isaac Smith paid tribute to his late grandfather.

Smith added another gold already four premiership victories when a panel of judges named him best on the field for his 32 disposals and three-goal performance.

After receiving the medal, Smith honored his "hero" grandfather, who passed away last week. Smith remarked after the game, "My pop, who I was very close to and who had a lot to do with the person I am today, passed away last Wednesday night."

Isaac thanked his family receiving Norm Smith award
Isaac thanked his family receiving Norm Smith award ( Source : instagram )

Furthermore, he said, "It impacted me last week, which is why I probably wasn't touched for the first part of last week's preliminary."

Who Actually is Norm Smith?

Norman Walter Smith played and coached Australian rules football in the Victorian Football League from November 21, 1915, to July 29, 1973.

Norman started a twenty-year coaching career after playing more than 200 games with Melbourne and Fitzroy, including a fifteen-year stay at Melbourne.

Norm is a Legend in the Australian Football Hall of Fame and is recognized as one of the best full-forwards of his age and one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport.

Norman assembled a disciplined squad of young players from various backgrounds, much like the late Collingwood coach Jock McHale.

Smith's capacity for strategic thinking significantly impacted both his brother Len and himself. The famous Norm Smith was awarded under his name. 

Ron Barassi and Norm Smith in one picture
Ron Barassi and Norm Smith in one picture ( Source : afl )

Norm Smith Award

Norm Smith award was established in 1979 to pay tribute to Norm Smith, a well-known member of the Melbourne Football Club who was also a prominent member of Fitzroy and South Melbourne.

Smith coached 452 games with Melbourne (310), Fitzroy (55), and South Melbourne. He played 227 games with Melbourne and Fitzroy (87).

In the 310 games Norm coached Melbourne, he led the team to six premierships in 1955, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1960, and 1964.

He also led the team to every Grand Final from 1954 to 1960. He was a player from 1935 to 1950 and a top-level coach from 1949 to 1972, except in 1968.

Smith was given Legend Status and recognized as the AFL Team of the Century's head coach.

Isaac Smith Wife Candice Smith And Children Knits A Cute Family

Isaac Smith wife Candice Smith has two children, daughter Isla Smith, and son Emmett Grant. They all together make a wonderful family. 

According to @cequinlan, his wife prefers to call herself Mrs. Smith. Their son Emmett Grant was born on 6 June 2022. 

Isaac Smith of the Hawks and partner Candice Quinlan were seen together in many events. They were married on 18 December 2018 in Australia.

Candice was a licensed nurse and met the AFL footballer in a bar in Ballarat. After nine years of marriage, Candice promised that the day Isaac proposed to her at the winter winery was the second-best day of her life.

Isaac Smith and Candice Quinlan on 18 December 2018
Isaac Smith and Candice Quinlan on 18 December 2018 ( Source : hellomay )

The couple managed to get a ton of iconic vendors by hosting the wedding on Candice's parents' very own property, Banyandah Homestead.

Their wedding venue was set in Isaac's parents' newly acquired farm in September 2017. Isaac and Candice were attended by 130 guests who were only family members.

Remembering his wedding day, he said, "my parents asked us whether we would want to have our wedding on their newly acquired farm. I practically grew up across the gravel road that divided the two estates, so for me, making a choice was simple."

Isaac Smith grandfather Kevin Smith Was Not Just Grandpa

Isaac Smith traveled by car to Albury to visit his grandfather Kevin Smith. After learning of his short illness, Isaac hurried to spend a day by his bedside.

Kevin passed away around a week before he received the Norm Smith award. Even though he was in his 90s, his passing away shocked the family.

Isaac was both his adult role model and his childhood hero. He passed away moments before his grandson Smith won Smith's fourth premiership and was named the game's finest player.

"It was a shock, but he was old and had tremendous innings. He wasn't supposed to leave," Smith said.

Isaac portraying his Medals
Isaac portraying his Medals ( Source : theage )

Isaac won the award for his work during a time when he still had lots to give. Smith significantly impacted the first quarter when the game was most intense.

He discovered the objective from half-moments. His first came off a center clearance by Patrick Dangerfield that burst.

Who Are Isaac Smith Parents?

Issac Smith's parents, Wayne Smith and Mrs. Smith have always supported their son. His father claimed that Isaac has the same drive and humility as his grandfather, who was also a "very rigorous trainer" and a professional road and track cyclist.

Wayne claimed that his son was an excellent athlete who had always known where to run on a football field. His guiding principle had been to make other players appear better than him for a long time.

Smith was raised in Cootamundra after moving there to attend school. He was born in Young, New South Wales.

He grew up in Temora playing basketball and Australian rules football alongside Luke Breust.

Smith relocated to Wagga Wagga at 13; he played football with future Hawthorn teammate Matt Suckling for several years in the Wagga Hawks until the two transferred to the Wagga Tigers, where they won two premierships.

Later, Smith relocated to Victoria to enroll in the University of Ballarat's Sports Management program.

He became a member of the Redan Football Club and earned a reputation as a good left-footer in the Redan reserves.

He refused North Ballarat's requests to participate in the preseason with them after their senior Ballarat Football League (BFL) Grand Final victory in 2009.

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