Bella Cicero: Swans Footballer Isaac Heeney Wife Or Girlfriend 2022

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Issac Heeney girlfriend Bella Cicero is Australian model ( Source : Instagram )

Swans Footballer Isaac Heeney girlfriend Bella Cicero is an Australian Model with a rising following on her Instagram. Earlier, the footballer was in a relationship with Lauren Houghton.

Isaac Heeney is a fan favorite and one of the best young players in the competition in AFL.

Isaac is a QBE Sydney Swans Academy graduate who participated in his 100th professional game in 2019.

He was chosen for the AFL Players' Association's 22Under22 team in two of his eligible four years and earned the 2018 AFL Mark of the Year award.

Heeney can play in the midfield, the forward line where he scored four goals without his star partner Lance Franklin in Round 20 last year, or as a free defender.

Sydney's QBE Sydney Swans Academy selected Issac Heeney with the 18th overall pick in the 2014 AFL Draft.

Isaac Heeney Girlfriend Bella Cicero Is Not His Wife

Isaac Heeney is in love with his girlfriend, Bella Cicero. The couple seems to have an intimate relationship with each other as they are seen posting photos on their Instagram profiles.

However, the Australian footballer is not married and doesn't seem to have plans to get married anytime soon. 

In one of the photos with Isaac, Heeney wrote on her Instagram, "a whole lotta lockdown later, see you next time Melbourne." 

One of the fans wrote, "you're so stunning!! sent you a dm." Isaac had a relationship with a member of the Lampoon Group Lauren Houghton, before he met Bella.

Quick Facts About Isaac Heeney

Name Isaac Heeney
Parents Mother Rochelle Heeney and Father Adam Heeney
Salary $800,000
Net Worth $2 million
Girlfriend Bella Cicero
Height  185 cm (6 ft 1 in)
Weight 87 kg (192 lb)

Isaac was first spotted with Lauren in 2019, and after that, the former couple was frequently spotted sharing one other's photos.

Isaac was born in Australia, whereas Heeney was born to parents Rochelle and Adam in Maitland, New South Wales. He was raised in the Hunter Valley.

Issac and Bella pictured from breakfast table
Issac and Bella pictured from breakfast table ( Source : instagram )

He attended Hill Public School in Hill for his elementary education. After that, he went to All Saints College.

He started playing soccer at 7, and in 12 games, he scored 68 goals. Soon after, he picked up a cricket bat and began playing against players half his age.

He batted 216, on average. Additionally, he traveled with his school to engage in a Sydney rugby league tournament, where he scored five tries in the team's triumph in the championship game.

Isaac Heeney Salary In 2022

Isaac Heeney receives an annual salary of $800,000, being AFL with the Sydney Swans. His net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. 

Swans made Heeney their first-round pick in the 2014 AFL Draft. His selection was disputed since the Swans were entitled to match the Melbourne Football Club's initial selection.

He was selected 18th position overall after the Melbourne Football Club offered their first selection.

This led to the draft criteria being changed to a points-based method to produce a more equitable result.

Heeney made his Sydney debut against Essendon in Round 1 of the 2015 season at ANZ Stadium.

Isaac Heeney receives a hefty salary being AFL player
Isaac Heeney receives a hefty salary being AFL player ( Source : instagram )

Isaac received an AFL Rising Star nomination after scoring four goals at the Sydney Cricket Ground in round three, helping the Swans start the 2015 season undefeated.

Heeney's season had a good beginning, but in Round 6, he sustained a knee injury. He rejoined the squad in Round 17 and contributed right away, kicking two goals.

Isaac participated in all of the team's playoff games as well as the rest of the season.

He averaged 12.6 disposals per game while striking 16 goals, earning him the title of Sydney Swans' rising star.

Issac Heeney Parents Rochelle and Father Adam Are Great Inspiration

As soon as Issac Heeney was ready for the AFL championship, his parents Rochelle and Adam, participated in numerous games to watch their son's game. 

NBN News interviewed Adam and Rochelle, who admitted they had been overtaken with anxiety and support since the Swans advanced to the decider.

Adam was very concerned when Issac was assaulted in Hongkong in 2015. He explained why his son was so furious about the incident in the first place.

A similar unprovoked incident occurred in Maitland in 2009. Tom Biviano, a player at Heeney's former team, Cardiff, was the victim of a similar incident.

Isaac Heeney parents are always eager to watch their son's game
Isaac Heeney parents are always eager to watch their son's game ( Source : instagram )

He sustained severe brain injuries and is still in a wheelchair. Adam Heeney, who spoke to The Daily Telegraph, said, "Like Tom, Isaac could have hit his skull on the ground."

Furthermore, he added, "we recognize how fortunate we are and are counting our blessings that he is still alive and in good health. He still has no idea what transpired or who struck him."

Isaac Heeney Faced Several Injuries But He Is Rock Solid For Games

Isaac Heeney has missed 27 of 140 games due to injury since joining the team as a first-round Academy prospect in 2014.

Heeney's rookie season was cut short in 2015 when a round-six victory over Melbourne resulted in a 10-week PCL injury. 

Isaac also missed the first four games of his 2017 season due to glandular fever. According to his Wikipedia profile, Issac ruptured the medial ligament in his right ankle.

He dislocated it during the Swans' 8-point loss to Richmond in the sixth round of the 2020 AFL season, terminating his season.

He underwent surgery soon after and was confined to a moon boot for a few weeks following the procedure.

Issac underwent stem cell therapy to aid in recovering his cartilage, which had been removed during the operation.

Issac Heeney has faced injuries numerous times
Issac Heeney has faced injuries numerous times ( Source : instagram )

The 26-year-severe old's ankle injury was sustained in Round 6 against Richmond and wrecked his 2020 campaign.

Heeney didn't fully heal and resume training until halfway through the preseason.

However, he had a fantastic start to the 2021 campaign as his Swans started the year with a perfect 3-0 record.

Heeney has been dragged off the ground. At halftime, he entered the locker rooms before being discovered with ice on his right hand.

Heeney's hand injury prevented him from playing football for about a month.

Ten Things To Know About Isaac Heeney

  1. Isaac Heeney is a professional Australian rules football player with the Sydney Swans. 
  2. The Australian Football League player Isaac Heeney was born on 5 May 1996 in Maitland, New South Wales.
  3. Isaac is currently dating his girlfriend, Bella Cicero
  4. Isaac Heeney's parents, Adam and Rochelle, participate in their son's games as much as possible. 
  5. Heeney grew up supporting the Swans and idolized Ryan O'Keefe as a child. He is fortunate to play for the same team.
  6. The Swans selected Heeney in the 2014 AFL draft, but His selection was controversial because the Melbourne Football Club bid their first selection.
  7. Isaac's annual salary is $800,00 and has reached a net worth of $2 million as of 2022. 
  8. Heeney has missed 27 of 140 games through injury, having avoided an early setback in just two of his seven seasons. 
  9. Isaac does not have a wife, but he is in an active relationship with Bella Cicero, an Australian model.
  10. Isaac Heeney is 185 cm (6 ft 1 in) tall and reported to weigh 87 kg (192 lb). 

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