Nursery Worker Zahra Faqi Won £25000 - Who Is She?

By Kushal Katuwal | August 16, 2022 01:23 PM

Zahra Faqi, a former nursery worker at Assunnah Primary School (pictured) in Tottenham, was awarded nearly £25,000 after a panel ruled her dismissal from her £14,800 a year job was a 'blatant act of discrimination ( Source : Dailymail )

Nursery worker Zahra Faqi won over £25,000 in her pregnancy discrimination case after she was fired from her job while dealing with incapacitating morning sickness.

Faqi was a former nursery worker of Assunnah Primary School who was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a disorder that causes extreme nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Her manager, Mohammed Yusuf, was unhappy with her for "affecting the future development" of her students when she notified him that she was ill and unable to teach at the school.

Yusuf asked her if her condition was a "long-term issue". When it was expected to improve before terminating her contract, he asked for a refund of £109 for overpaying during her sick leave.

Who Is Islamic Nursery Worker Zahra Faqi?

Zahra Faqi is a former Islamic nursery worker at Assunnah Primary School who won over £25,000 after she was fired from her job while dealing with incapacitating morning sickness.

Ms. Faqi started to work as a "room leader" in the nursery at Assunnah Primary School in Tottenham, north London, in September 2018, according to the remotely held listening session.

She found that she was pregnant in 2019 and was hospitalized the next month with hyperemesis gravidarum, a disorder that causes extreme nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Her boss, Mohammed Yusuf, rebuked her for "affecting the long-term building" of her students after she informed him that she was ill and unable to work for the entire month.

Zahra was asked to visit the school in March 2016 to conduct the meeting and also asked to bring out her medical papers. She asked if she could bring anyone to help at that time.

Zahra Faqi Won £25000 In Discrimination Case
Zahra Faqi Won £25000 In Discrimination Case( Source : Realnewshub )

She and her partner came to the meeting at a new scheduled time. However, nobody showed up. Faqi again emailed the school in April, stating about her sessions and asking for sick pay.

Later in April, Zahra was asked by her team leader that she should write "children's summary reports" that describe her leave in readiness for a parent-teacher consultation day.

Yusuf later emailed her asking, "Is this a long-term issue, or temporary?" She replied that she couldn't work because of pregnancy-related illness, and the doctor labeled her unfit for the work.

Mr. Yusuf emailed Ms. Faqi in April to formally terminate her employment after three months, knowing she was pregnant. He wrote that he couldn't continue her job at Assunnah primary school.

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Zahra Faqi Won £25000 In Discrimination Case

Zahra Faqi filed a discriminatory case and won £25000 against Assunnah Primary school after she was fired in the act of unlawful pregnancy discrimination.

The panel, chaired by Employment Judge Thomas Brown, concluded that her termination violated the legislation against pregnant discrimination.

Talking with reporters, he said, "We have noted that (Ms. Faqi) healed following her period of illness absence. We are aware that this was a flagrant instance of discrimination."

The Assunnah Primary school was also warned about unlawful pregnancy discrimination happening inside the school and was punished with a total charge of £25000.

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