Joanne Bishop Murdered At The Hands Of Shane Clarke - Obituary And Cause Of Death

By Sriyukta Pradhananga | August 15, 2022 09:46 AM

Shane Clarke murdered his partner of 6 years Joanne Bishop in 2018 ( Source : Independent )

Joanne Bishop, age 39, was murdered by her partner of 6 years, Shane Clarke, 52, on May 29, 2018. Shane brutally stabbed his partner to death and went to make a call to 999 and admitted that he had killed her.

Shane Clarke showed no remorse whatsoever for his wrongdoing and even gave a smile and thumbs up to Joanne's father and sister in court. 

Clarke was given a life sentence at Oxford Crown Court, and his 90-second harrowing call to 999 was played in which he was chuckling.

He pleaded guilty to killing his partner and received no parole for 20 years. By the time he finishes serving his sentence, he will be 72.

Shane Clarke previously served 12 years sentence for luring a man and slashing his face with a razor in the 1980s and was imprisoned for drug offenses as well. 

Joanne Bishop Murdered By Killer Shane Clarke

Joanne Bishop was 39 years old when she was murdered by her 52 years old partner Shane Clarke on May 29, 2018.

Shane then made a chilling call to 999, laughing as he said, "Just stabbed the missus."

Clarke stabbed Bishop 29 times with a screwdriver near her chest area. It was only later that Clarke called for an ambulance, and Bishop died in the hospital four days later.

Joanne Dawson was stabbed with screwdriver 29 times before she eventually died 4 days later
Joanne Dawson was stabbed with screwdriver 29 times before she eventually died 4 days later( Source : Mirror )

The attack occurred in Brent, Tinkers Bridge, at Bishop's home in her bed.

Clarke then texted his friends that he was not going to work and even remarked "oops" before he made the call to 999.

Though paramedics tried their best to revive Joanne, it was of no avail as Joanne suffered brain damage and died four days later in the hospital.

She was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford for treatment.

Joanne Bishop Obituary

Joanne Bishop passed away on June 2, 2018, after four days of fighting to stay alive. 

Harold, her father in the victim impact statement, said that he was left devastated by the thought of having to bury his daughter's body.

The father-daughter duo would bond over the topic of football.

Harold thought that his daughter could be resurrected for a while when paramedics found a pulse on Joanne, but the hope quickly faded as the paramedics lost her.

Joanne didn't have an easy death, which upset her father the most. She fought till the end to stay alive, but the scars were too deep.

Joanne's sister, Sandra, said she was shattered by her sister's death and was devastated that her daughter would never get to know her aunt. 

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Joanne Bishop Cause Of Death

Joanne Bishop died as she was stabbed 29 times in the chest, near her heart. 

Shane and Joanne lived together for six years before he stabbed her to death. The couple's relationship was on the ropes, and Clarke was convinced that his partner was cheating on him.

Clarke left his partner's lifeless body on the floor after he murdered her, and when the paramedic's team arrived, he refused to go back inside.

Oxford Crown Court found Clarke guilty and gave him a life sentence
Oxford Crown Court found Clarke guilty and gave him a life sentence ( Source : Mirror )

He was persuaded to go with the paramedic's team, where he left her body.

When paramedics were able to find a pulse on her, Clarke remarked by saying, " F*** those ambulances are great, aren't they?

Clarke was given a life sentence for Joanne's murder and would not be considered for parole for 20 years. 

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