AFL: Joel Selwood Parents - Mother Maree And Siblings

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Joel Selwood posing with his parents  Bryce Selwood and Maree Selwood
Joel Selwood posing with his parents Bryce Selwood and Maree Selwood( Source : com )

Joel Selwood's parents, Bryce Selwood and Maree Selwood, introduced him to the world on May 26, 1988. The Selwood couple is the parents of four children: Joel Selwood, Scott Selwood, Adam Selwood, and Troy Selwood.

Undoubtedly, Bryce and Maree have introduced the most gentlemanly player on the football field. Joel is used to winning people's hearts, not just with his incredible games but with his kind acts as well.

At halftime, Moorfoot, a down syndrome sufferer, was brought onto the field to celebrate with the Cats players, and Selwood made sure he didn't miss out. They shared a beautiful moment on the MCG barrier, which left everyone emotional.

Moorfoot, 29, has established himself with the Cats since 2015 after getting along well with the team's leadership, including captain Selwood. After winning the AFL Grand Final in 2022, Selwood became the match's star again.

The daddy-to-be, Selwood, has left his parents and wife, Brit Davis, stunned with his marvelous performance. The Selwoods are left with nothing but joy and excitement due to their victory and the arrival of their new baby.

Quick Facts

Full NameJoel Anthony Selwood
Birth DateMay 26, 1988
Birth PlaceBendigo, Australia
FatherBryce Selwood
MotherMaree Selwood
SiblingsScott Selwood, Adam Selwood, Troy Selwood

AFL: Joel Selwood's Parents

Joel Selwood was raised by his parents, Bryce and Maree Selwood, in Bendigo, Victoria. Selwood was not the only child of his parents, but he was raised with his three other siblings, Adam, Troy, and Scott Selwood.

Both of his parents were well-employed and educated.

Joel was raised in a sports family as his mother was an excellent tennis player. As a professional athlete's son, Joel always has the idea of sportsmanship.

The Selwood couple and their footballer sons were selected as the AFL's celebrity ambassadors for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia in June 2007. 

Joel Selwood parents posing together for a perfect couple picture
Joel Selwood parents posing together for a perfect couple picture ( Source : bendigoadvertiser )

Mr. and Mrs. Selwood are excited about their grandchild's arrival and can't wait to be loving grandparents and spoil their grandchild with extra love and care. They are often seen supporting Joel in his games.

As a child, Selwood always dreamt of conquering an athletic life, and the dedicated player fulfilled his childhood dream by becoming one of the finest footballers in the world. Selwood was inspired by his parents, who allowed him to follow his passion and listen to his heart.

Joel Selwood's Siblings

Joel Selwood has three siblings. He is the middle child of the Selwood couple and has two older twin brothers, Troy Selwood and Adam Selwood, and one younger brother, Scott Selwood.

The Selwood siblings have established themselves as the finest football players. The only married Selwood sibling is Joel, who is expecting a baby. The other unmarried Selwood brothers are uncles-to-be.

1. Troy Selwood

Troy Selwood, 38, is the eldest son of Bryce and Maree Selwood, alongside his twin brother, Adam Selwood. He was born on May 1, 1984, and just like his younger brothers, he belongs on the football field.

He is a former Australian rules footballer. The eldest, Selwood, is currently single and enjoying his successful life. He played 75 games for the Brisbane Lions in the Australian Football League.

Troy Selwood is unmarried and not dating anyone
Troy Selwood is unmarried and not dating anyone ( Source : geelongcats )

From 2011 to 2013, Troy contributed as the Geelong Football Club's team captain in the Victorian Football League. Currently, his younger brother, Joel, serves as the captain of the same team.

The eldest Selwood, Troy, was appointed co-captain of the Geelong VFL side at the beginning of the 2011 season. Eventually, he retired from VFL football at the end of the 2013 season.

2. Adam Selwood

Adan Selwood, 38, is the twin brother of Troy Selwood and the elder brother of Scott Selwood and Joel Selwood. Bryce and Maree Selwood introduced Adam to the world on the same day Troy was born, on May 1, 1984. Even Adam is single, just like Troy.

Adan is a former Australian rules footballer who played for the West Coast Eagles in the Australian Football League. He is the only Selwood sibling who did not play for the Geelong Football Club, as his three brothers, Troy, Joel, and Scott, all made significant contributions to the team.

Adam Selwood played for the West Coast Eagles in the Australian Football League
Adam Selwood played for the West Coast Eagles in the Australian Football League ( Source : westcoasteagles )

The eldest Selwood, Adam, was charged with using insulting language towards Headland. On April 14, 2007, Des Headland of Fremantle and Selwood got into an altercation. Headland was charged with wrestling and striking Selwood.

Later, Selwood was found not guilty of using insulting language. The table turned over, and Headland was found guilty of two of the three charges but elected not to impose a penalty.

3. Scott Selwood

Scott Selwood, 32, is the youngest of the Selwood siblings. On March 27, 1990, Bryce and Maree Selwood introduced their youngest child to the world.

The youngest Selwood, Scott, played for the West Coast Eagles and Geelong Football Club in the Australian Football League just like his elder brother did.

Scott and Joel have two years age gap
Scott and Joel have two years age gap ( Source : bendigoadvertiser )

The former professional Australian rules footballer is currently high-over-ills with the love of his life, PR executive Morgan Hill. Geelong delisted Selwood after the 2019 season after he was limited to only two appearances by hamstring issues.

The youngest, Selwood Scott, is currently an assistant coach at Collingwood Football Club and playing senior football for the Ivanhoe Amateur Football Club.

Who Is Joel Selwood Mother Maree Selwood?

Joel Selwood's mother, Maree Selwood, was a top runner and professional tennis player. The mother of four sons made sure to transfer her sports genes to her children and built four of the best footballers who made a great name for themselves in the sports field.

The tennis champion continues to advise her children on important decisions. She celebrated their victory and encouraged them to never give up and work harder in their career field.

Joel sharing a beautiful moment with his mother after winning the 2022 AFL Grand Final
Joel sharing a beautiful moment with his mother after winning the 2022 AFL Grand Final ( Source : gettyimages )

Maree is a proud mother who is often seen cheering her children from the audience seat and helping them to win every match of their lives. Joel's mother, Maree, does not want him to retire and she wishes him to continue playing AFL after winning his fourth AFL championship.

On September 24, 2022, in Melbourne, Australia, following the Geelong Cats' victory over the Sydney Swans in the 2022 AFL Grand Final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Joel Selwood of the Cats and his dear momma Marry shared a beautiful moment by sharing a hug.

Joel Selwood's Salary And Net Worth

Joel Selwood's net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.5 million, and his salary ranges from $550K to $650K. Selwood is one of the AFL’s biggest earners.

The maximum earnings made by Joel are from his football career as an AFL and NFL player. The Daddy-to-be lives a luxurious lifestyle with his family in great buildings and owns expensive models of cars.

As a two-year-old toddler, Joel had to wear leg splints to aid with his walking difficulties. Selwood attended Catholic College in Bendigo.

The AFL Players Association gave him early recognition for his accomplishments at the junior level by giving him the Mike Fitzpatrick Scholarship and the AFL Life Members Education Fund Award.

Joel receiving Community Leadership Award in memory of the great Jim Stynes.
Joel receiving Community Leadership Award in memory of the great Jim Stynes. ( Source : instagram )

Selwood was gifted athletically from a young age. He held all of the Bendigo Sports Center's running and jumping records in a single year. He was the state hurdling champion for age groups under 10 through under 15.

Joel won mid-year State honors for Victoria Country and was rewarded with the captaincy of Bendigo for his final season. But barely six rounds into the contest, he sustained a knee injury that necessitated surgery.

His season was prematurely over because it was his fourth knee procedure in two years.

He was selected to play for the Bendigo Pioneers in the TAC Cup competition in 2005. Before that, he spent his junior football career with the Sandhurst Football Club after beginning with St Therese's Maroon.

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