Leyla Harding Will Not Be on 'Emmerdale', and Fans Want to Know Why

By Sriyukta Pradhananga | August 5, 2022 09:00 AM

Roxy Shahidi could be leaving the show Emmerdale as her character Leyla Harding goes into a cardiac arrest ( Source : Entertainmentdaily )

The latest episode of Emmerdale saw Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) go into cardiac arrest, which has left the fans distraught as they don't want to say goodbye to their favorite character.

The long-running British series Emmerdale has seen many actors and actresses come and go throughout its 33 long seasons, but only some have been able to connect to the fans like Roxy Shahidi.

So what is the reason for the sudden exit of Roxy Shahidi Aka Leyla Harding from the show?

Why Is Roxy Shahidi AKA Leyla Harding Leaving Emmerdale?

The fans of Emmerdale are shocked to learn about the new plot twist that might see Roxy Shahidi, AKA Leyla Harding, leaving the English drama show. 

Roxy Shahidi, in the past, has left the show from time to time since her introduction back in 2008. The streetwise and savvy character Leyla Harding has been a part of many big storylines throughout the show's long run, but this could be the last.

Leyla Harding goes into cardiac arrest in the latest episode ITV show Emmerdale
Leyla Harding goes into cardiac arrest in the latest episode ITV show Emmerdale ( Source : Whattowatch )

She debuted in the ITV show back in 2008 with the role of Leyla. The Manchester-born actress took some time off from the show for two years between 2011 and 2013 and the last time the actress took a break from the show was in 2018, four years ago, and it was for maternity leave.

Only in April had the actress talked about the big plot twist in the show. It was later revealed to be her drug addiction through which she knew about Suzy.

The fans have been disappointed with Leyla's death as many don't want to see the character bid farewell to the show.

Fans of the show tweeted, saying, "Please don't let Leyla die."

Roxy Harding has always focused on living a peaceful and happy life, so it won't be shocking if the actress wanted a time out from the show.

We have seen her stress on the topics such as mental and physical wellness, and being a yoga instructor, she would even want to dive into the fitness world.

In 2016 Roxy Harding qualified as a yoga teacher and was always seen showing her fans yoga tips and tricks on her Instagram handle.

Roxy Harding is a certified yoga instructor and could be deciding to take a break from the British soap show to focus on other career path
Roxy Harding is a certified yoga instructor and could be deciding to take a break from the British soap show to focus on other career path ( Source : Instagram )

The actress has not clarified on her social media handles whether she is exiting the show and has not given any interviews where she has stated she would leave Emmerdale.

After more than a decade of playing the role of Leyla Harding, Thursday's episode could have been the last time we see the TV veteran in this character.

Does Leyla Harding Die In Emmerdale?

In the episode aired on 4th August, Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) was battling for her life after overdosing on cocaine. Her lifeless body was found by her husband Liam (Jonny McPherson).

Leyla was rushed to the hospital towards the end of the latest installment, but it looked like it was too late for her.

Leyla hid her drug abuse from Liam for months, taking them routinely. After she collapsed at home, the paramedics reported that Leyla was in cardiac arrest and needed medical assistance.

She ended up in the hospital, where her son Jacob Gallagher(Joe Warren Plant) had a tour ahead of his placement. Jacob was left shocked by seeing his mother's condition.

Both the father-son duo were not being able to cope with the situation at their hands. So, it will be interesting how the whole situation pans out. 

Emmerdale has not given out any hints of what could happen in the coming episodes, so you need to stay tuned to the ITV series to know whether Leyla survives or not.

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