Paige Drummond Met Boyfriend Mitchell Adams At University Of Arkansas

By Sriyukta Pradhananga | August 14, 2022 03:38 PM

Mitchell Adams is the boyfriend of Paige Drummond and the two have been dating since last year ( Source : Instagram )

Ree Drummond's daughter, Paige Drummond, is dating supply chain management student Mitchell Adams, whom she met at the University of Arkansas.

With the two graduating earlier this year, many were speculating whether another wedding was on its way at Drummond's household after Paige's oldest sister, Alex, got married last year.

Ree Drummond is the proud mother of five children, Alex, Paige, Todd, Bryce, and Jamar. She is one of the first people who gained popularity in the mid-2000s when blogging was gaining popularity.

Her website, The Pioneer Woman, would get 23.3 million page views per month in 2011.

As her daughter introduced her boyfriend last year, the protective has only given him the title of a good friend. So, let's get to know more about this good friend of Paige and whether Paige has already said yes to the big question.

Who Is Paige Drummond's Boyfriend Mitchell Adams? 

Mitchell Adams is the boyfriend of Paige Drummond, the daughter of famous blogger and TV personality Ree Drummond.

The blogger of Pioneer woman cheekily introduced Mitchell as a special friend of Paige in one of her Instagram posts in March.

But her daughter Paige had already given insight to her followers in September of 2021 when she introduced him to everybody.

Mitchell and Paige are two young love birds and are moving forward in their respective career
Mitchell and Paige are two young love birds and are moving forward in their respective career ( Source : Instagram )

Mitchell has appeared in several of Paige's posts since then, and now both have graduated from the University of Arkansas.

Adams graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management in 2022, along with his girlfriend Paige, who graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management, Meeting and Event Planning. 

The two will now look forward to settling themselves in their respective field, as Paige has already moved to Texas to start working at Sendero.

Are Paige Drummond And Mitchell Adams Engaged?

Paige and Mitchell are in their early 20s and graduated earlier this year in May, and the two are not engaged and have no plans to do so right now.

The pair might be posting photos of each other acting all lovey-dovey, but no rings or wedding plans are going on in the Drummond or Adams family.

With Rae's oldest daughter Alex getting married only last year, it does not look like the blogger is ready to send off another daughter this quickly.

There were wedding speculations between the two, but with Paige's move to Dallas it seem to be just rumours.
There were wedding speculations between the two, but with Paige's move to Dallas it seem to be just rumours.( Source : Instagram )

Paige's recent move to Texas signifies that the second daughter is focused on her career and likely to wait for a few more years before getting married.

Mitchell is also probably searching for a full-time job as he ended his three months internship with Rivian last year.

Mitchell Adams Age

It's not known when Mitchell was born, but as he graduated this past year along with Paige, he is either 22/23. 

Mitchell completed high school at Lee's Summit West High School in 2018. During his high school days, Mitchell was Student Body Secretary and was interested in playing lacrosse.

Mitchell(Far left) along with his friends in one their party in New Orleans
Mitchell(Far left) along with his friends in one their party in New Orleans ( Source : Instagram )

Adams joined the University of Arkansas in 2018 and graduated with a degree in Supply Chain Management in May.

He met Paige Drummond when he was studying at the University of Arkansas and has worked for several companies as an intern.

The recent graduate has worked as Supply Chain Intern for Briggs & Stratton, Kelloggs, and as purchasing intern for Rivian.

All of his work has come as an intern for a period ranging from 3-5 months.

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Is Mitchell Adam On Instagram? 

Mitchell is one Instagram with the username @_mitchelladams_ and only has two posts, both of which are with his girlfriend, Paige Drummond.

The two went Instagram official in September 2021, as Paige shared images taken at an 80s-themed party at the University of Arkansas.

Since then, they have appeared on each other's Instagram handle multiple times. 

Did Mitchell graduate from the University of Arkansas?

Yes, Mitchell graduated from the University of Arkansas.

How old is Mitchell Adams?

Mitchell Adams is in his early 20s.

In which subject did Mitchell Adams graduate?

Mitchell Adams graduated with a degree in Supply Chain Management.

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