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Who Is Charlene Riva Federer? Roger Federer's Daughter Is One Of Four Kids With His Wife Mirka Federer

By Aakash Banjade | September 20, 2022 01:19 PM

The tennis player announced retirement from tennis on September 15, 2022,
The tennis player announced retirement from tennis on September 15, 2022,( Source : thequint )

Charlene Riva Federer, 13, is well known as the daughter of Roger Federer, she has a twin sister named Myla Rose, and they are of the same age. Further information about Roger's daughter is available in this article.

Roger is also one of the eight male players to have won all four major championships in a single season, a milestone known as a "Career Grand Slam."

However, the great tennis player declared his retirement on September 15, 2022, marking the end of his professional career after 24 years on tour.

After spending more than two decades in tennis, he is undeniably still the greatest player in a match at the time of his retirement and is consistently beating both new and old players.

He also expressed respect for his wife and children, saying, "I would especially want to thank my lovely wife Mirka, who has fought through every minute with me."

Quick Facts:

Name Roger Federer
Date Of Birth8 August 1981
ProfessionTennis Player
WifeMirka Federer
Twin Daughters Myla and Charlene
Twin SonsLenny and Leo
Last Updated September 2022

Charlene Riva Federer: Roger Federer's Daughter Is 13

Charlene Riva Federer is the older daughter of the professional tennis player Roger. Riva has one twin sister named Myla. They were born on the same day and shared the same birthday.

We can see Charlene cheering her father during his matches during tournaments. As of 2022, Charlene is 13 years old and busy with her education and self-development. Her father wants her to be a tennis player too.

Charlene Federer with her twin sister, Myla
Charlene Federer with her twin sister, Myla ( Source : sports )

Roger wants his children to be strong individuals, and he spends every free minute he has with them, truly appreciating the moment when they are all together.

Furthermore, Charlene does travel with her dad for his tournaments; we can see his children and wife together during the finales.

After Roger married his wife, they gave birth to identical twins on July 23, 2009. Continue this article to learn more about Roger's daughter and siblings. 

Five Unknown Facts To Know About Roger Federer's Daughter

1. Roger's daughter, Charlene Federer, has a twin sister, Myla Rose.

Roger Federer's twin daughter
Roger Federer's twin daughter ( Source : sportskeeda )

Charlene Federer was born on July 23, 2009, along with her twin sister, Myla. They were their parents' first daughters and identical twins, Roger and Mirka Federer. 

Charlene and her identical twin share the same birthday, and currently, they are focused on their education and may follow in their dad's footsteps and pursue a career in sports.

It needs to be seen if the youngsters enjoy the game and will eventually become players like their fathers. Federer, on the other hand, once stated that his children must learn to play tennis to avoid "embarrassing" family vacations.

2. Charlene Federer has been home-schooled.

Roger's Wife Mirka and four children
Roger's Wife Mirka and four children ( Source : meaww )

As Charlene's parents have to travel around the world for tournaments, she has been home-schooled and her other three siblings. 

Roger's game requires him to travel all over the world regularly. So for Roger and Mirka to bring their children, they kept them homeschooled.

Although balancing touring with family life is challenging, Roger is up to the effort, saying, "I didn't need kids for a wake-up call in my life, but it's the most amazing thing to have kids in general and have that duty."

3. She also has two brothers who are also identical, and two twins have a 5-year age gap.

Roger's twin sons, Leo and Lenny
Roger's twin sons, Leo and Lenny ( Source : pinterest )

Charlene has two identical twin brothers who are five years younger than her.

Mirka and Roger Federer welcomed twin children, Myla and Charlene. They also had twin sons, Lenny and Leo, five years later. The tennis world was delighted about the "twin thing."

Twins are rare; around 33 out of every thousand births are twins. Of course, having twins is significantly more likely if it runs in the family, which appears to be the case for Roger Federer. Diana, his older sister, is also the mother of twins.

4. Charlene may pursue her career in tennis, as her dad inspired her.

Roger Federer during the match
Roger Federer during the match ( Source : espn )

Charlene frequently came to attend her father's matches. Charlene and Myla, the elder twins, don't play as much but do it socially to spend time with others.

The Federer children are still young but share their parent's passion for tennis. The smaller Lenny and Leo are just getting started, while the elder twins do it for fun and to meet other youngsters.

According to reports, both Leo and Lenny participate in the sport. Moreover, Federer may even tutor his children now that he has retired from professional tennis.

Children would have one of the finest coaches or early mentors of all time as their coach or mentor. It would be incredible if one of Federer's children pursued a career in tennis.

5. Her mother, like his father, is a former tennis player.

Roger Federer is married to Mirka Federer, a former professional tennis player who was forced to retire in 2002 owing to a sports-related injury. They met in 2000 during the Summer Olympics and married nine years later.

As of now, she is not playing but rather supporting her husband and taking care of her children.

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