Chad Bingham: Sara McMann Husband Is A Pro BJJ

By Amisha Thapa | September 23, 2022 05:32 AM

Sara enjoying the mountain view with her husband Chad Bingham ( Source : Instagram )

Chad Bingham, age 37, is the husband of MMA star Sara McMann. Sara's only daughter Bella with ex-boyfriend Trent Goodale was born in 2009.

After finishing her most recent contract with the UFC, Sara McMann is now considering her options in the market.

When Aspen Ladd's fight at UFC Vegas 60 was postponed due to her opponent's failure to make weight, sources close to the former UFC championship challenger verified to MMA Fighting that McMann had fought out her contract.

Sara, the daughter of Paula Jean and Thomas William McMann, received compensation for the fight she lost, but it also marked the end of her contract. She is now free to pursue other chances or, more flexibly, sign a new deal to stay with the UFC.

The 41-year-old freestyle wrestler who won a silver medal at the Olympics has been a mainstay in the UFC's bantamweight class since 2013.

Quick Facts

Full NameSara McMann
Birth DateSeptember 24, 1980
Birth PlaceTakoma Park, Maryland, U.S.
HusbandChad Bingham
MotherPaula Jean
FatherThomas William McMann
ChildrenBella and Lucas

Chad Bingham: Who Is Sara McMann Husband?

Sara McMann married her husband, Chad Bingham, in February. Chad Bingham is a 37-year-old "black belt" in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

He reached the "black belt" level on December 5, 2015. His first "black belt" match was in the Atlanta Open 2016 on February 6. Bingham won a gold medal at the Santa Cruz International Open 2022 on August 7.

Sara and Chad have a son named Lucas. Sara also has a daughter, Bella, from her previous relationship. They live in Citrus Heights, California.

Trent Goodale and Sara McMann with their daughter Bella
Trent Goodale and Sara McMann with their daughter Bella ( Source : golimestonesaints )

In his early 20s, Chad received training at Alliance Greenville in South Carolina for two and a half years. At age 24, he had already won the lightweight division of NAGA twice, finished third in NAGA once, and finished second in the Elon Submission Grappling Championship.

Chad works at Precision Jiu Jitsu And Wrestling Academy. His Instagram account is filled with Astro images and he is a lover of anything space. His recent image was that of the bubble nebula a week ago.

He takes some of the pictures he uploads, including Milky Way galaxy. He has multiple telescopes in his backyard, which he spends too much time on.

Chad Bingham with an astro image he took in July.
Chad Bingham with an astro image he took in July. ( Source : instagram )

Sara McMann Has Daughter Bella With Ex-boyfriend Trent Goodale

Sara McMann has a 13-year-old daughter Bella with ex-boyfriend Trent Goodale. Her daughter Bella is living with her and her husband Chad Bingham. She is also close with her biological father, Goodale.

The Limestone's wrestling head coach, Trent Goodale, and mixed martial artist Sara McMann were one of the most loved couples when they were dating a few years back.

Unfortunately, the trainer and fighter called off their dating life after introducing their adorable kid, Bella, to the world.

When they were a couple, they used to talk highly of each other. Goodale had defined McMann as the strongest, toughest, and most motivated person he had ever been around.

MMA fighter McMann with her daughter, Bella
MMA fighter McMann with her daughter, Bella ( Source : denverpost )

Before dating, they were training partners and best friends, and eventually, they started to fall for one another. They used to train for a long time and motivate each other to get what they wanted.

Both of them have moved on from their relationship with someone else.

Bella was born in 2009, and as of 2022, she is 13 years old. Goodale and Sara have not revealed the reason behind their split but are enjoying their own lives with the one they love.

Who Is Sara McMann's Father?

Thomas William McMann is the father of MMA fighter Sara McMann. He is the father of three children: two daughters, Sara and Nicolina, and one son, Jason.

Unfortunately, his son, Jason, was murdered at the very young age of 21 on January 23, 1999. He wrestled at Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Sara McMann with her husband  Chad Bingham
Sara McMann with her husband Chad Bingham ( Source : instagram )

It was not an easy journey for Thomas, being a father to look at his son leave before him, but his strong and determined personality did not allow him to stay in sadness. He was brave enough to live a peaceful life for his daughters.

He was married to Paula Jean. However, much information about Sara's parents has not been revealed as she does not want to involve her parents with the media.

Sara McMann Has More Than Fifteen Tattoos

Sara McMann is a tattoo freak, and she has a tattoo on her right wrist that says, "Dream on," encouraging her to keep daydreaming and concentrating on her aspirations. 

We can clearly see her love for painting her body. She has covered most parts of her body with meaningful tattoos.

A triangular sign that appears to be a logographic Chinese character employed in the Japanese writing system and known as the Kanji symbol, which symbolizes tranquillity and peace, is tattooed on Sara McMann's left arm's inner wrist.

A tattoo of what appears to be a pair of wings with Chinese symbols etched on them gives them the appearance of a tribal tattoo on Sara McMann's lower back.

Each person desires "peace" and "perseverance," symbols hidden between the wings on the lower back of MMA fighter Sara.

Sara McMann flaunting her lower back tattoo
Sara McMann flaunting her lower back tattoo ( Source : bodyartguru )

McMann got a massive, bright, and energetic tattoo on May 25, 2013, that extends from the middle of her back to her shoulders. The back tattoo by Asheville, North Carolina-based tattoo artist Diamond Thieves, is an intriguing and excellent piece of art.

The tattoo features the head of a lioness with a gun inked just above its right ear and a ribbon pinned from its ear hanging on the right side. A flock of birds soars above the pistol, while the full moon and a skull are inked in various hues below the ribbon.

Along with her ongoing emphasis on being brave in life, Sara's love of nature is symbolized throughout the entire work of art. The lioness is a representation of bravery and strength.

Sara McMann flaunting her back tattoo
Sara McMann flaunting her back tattoo ( Source : bodyartguru )

Between her lower back tattoo of a pair of wings from the well-known novel Jumanji and her prior college tattoo on the center of her back, Sara McMann added another tattoo to her body.

The ink has a movie motif. Below the tattoo of Fauna at the top is a tattoo of Jumanji, which features an open book and vapors of a different hue. Jumanji ink pays homage to the idea that we only have one life to live, and thus we should put all our efforts into doing so.

Sara McMann's Next Fight

Sara McMann's next fight has been canceled. It is not McMann's fault that she will not compete at UFC Fight Night 210.

Her opponent, Aspen Ladd, once again failed to make weight at Friday's official weigh-ins at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, a mistake that finally caused the match to be called off.

The 41-year-old McMann reached weight for what was to be just her second fight since January 2021. Despite the delay in her return, McMann said in an Instagram post that the UFC treated her "extremely well."

She also supported a system that would have made Ladd's unsuccessful weight loss impossible.

Ladd's history of unsuccessful weight loss is well-documented. When Ladd failed to make weight in September 2018, Leslie Smith refused to fight an overweight opponent, and the bout was called off.

Sara posing for a picture in her UFC cloth
Sara posing for a picture in her UFC cloth ( Source : instagram )

Before her fight with Germaine de Randamie in July 2019, she exhibited a terrifying display of trembling on the scale. Despite hitting the target, she lost the fight quickly by TKO.

More recently, Ladd's fight with Macy Chiasson in October 2021 was canceled because he failed to make weight. She later fought once at women's featherweight, losing to Norma Dumont, before dropping back down.

Prior to her most recent incident, she made bantamweight for a fight with Raquel Pennington in April.

Trent Goodale: Who Is Sara McMann Ex-Boyfriend?

The former partner and the father of Sara's daughter, Trent Goodale, was born on February 27, 1983. Goodale was introduced to the world by his parents, Ron and Debbie Goodale.

He is a native of Osage, IA., and he studied at Osage High School. He is a strong and determined man who weighs 133 lbs. and stands 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Trent and Sara were due to have their first child in 2008. Trent continued to serve as the head wrestling coach at Limestone College as she prepared for the Trials.

The couple's daughter's pregnancy and subsequent birth gave Sara a vacation from participating in competitive sports. Bella Maree Goodale, the adorable daughter of Trent and Sara, was born in 2009.

Shortly afterward, she got back on track and began training at Revolution MMA in Boiling Springs and Linic MMA in Greenville. She also maintained a solid foundation in wrestling by working out with Trent's team at Limestone College in Gaffney.

Trent won the state championship three times while in high school, finished second as a freshman, won four conference championships, and was named to the AWN seventh-team all-American. Two undefeated seasons are included in his 159-6 lifetime record.

He won four Ironman trophies for not missing a high school practice and was named the team's MVP four times. Additionally, he finished fourth in the senior year of Greco Regional and fifth at the Junior National Freestyle Regional.

Some FAQs

Who is Sara McMann married to?

Sara McMann is married to Chad Bingham.

How many children doe Sara McMann have?

Sara McMann has two children, Bella and Lucas.

How young is Sara McMann's daughter?

Sara McMann's daughter is 13 years old.

Does Sara McMann have siblings?

Sara McMann has two sibling one sister and her brother passed away at the age of 21.

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