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Who Is Simon Pegg's Wife Maureen Pegg? Age And Daughter Of Music Industry Publicist

By Gaurav Thapaliya | August 16, 2022 10:11 AM

Simon Pegg has confessed that following his stunning weight loss, his wife sobbed over his "skin and bone" appearance. ( Source : Thesun )

English actor Simon Pegg's wife, Maureen Pegg is a publicist for the music business. The 52-year-old English actor and Maureen, who is nearly his age, have a beautiful daughter, Matilda.

As a famous supporting role in Doctor Who (2005), Star Trek as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott (2009–2016), and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Pegg is among the very few actors to have attained what Radio Times refers to as "The Holy Grail of nerd-dom".

Simon Pegg plays the lead role in Peter Kosminsky's brand-new cyberthriller "The Undeclared War". The UK is the setting for the movie, which is set in a post-Covid world in 2024 and features a significant cyber attack on the nation. 

Quick Facts About Maureen Pegg

NameMaureen Pegg
Birth Date1970s
Age51 years old (Reportedly)
HusbandSimon Pegg
DaughterMatilda Pegg
ProfessionPublicist for Music Industry

Who Is Simon Pegg's Wife Maureen Pegg?

Maureen Pegg, Simon Pegg's wife, works as a publicist in the music business, where she is responsible for managing press coverage and public relations for musicians and companies connected to the music industry.

Numerous media publications claim that Maureen, a housewife born in the 1970s in East Kilbride, is responsible for Simon Pegg's success. Her significant other made it clear that family support is the reason for his success.

Maureen Pegg with her husband, famous English Actor Simon Pegg
Maureen Pegg with her husband, famous English Actor Simon Pegg( Source : Ghanafuo )

When her husband shed weight for a part he was playing in the movie, Maureen cried. The English actor had to go through huge weight loss for his role "Skin and bone", which made his wife unhappy, demonstrating Maureen's compassion and love for her husband.

Maureen Pegg is not available on any Social Media platform. She is, without a doubt, the best mother and wife.

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Maureen Pegg Age And Height

Maureen Pegg is reportedly 51 years old, born in the 1970s, while several media outlets have reported that she is between 45 and 50. Her husband is nearly the same age at 52.

Maureen is shorter than her husband, who is 5 foot 8 inches tall. Based on their photo together, it can be assumed Maureen is about 5 foot 4 inches tall.

Maureen Pegg's Daughter Matilda Pegg

Maureen Pegg and her husband have a daughter named Matilda Pegg, nicknamed Tilly, who was born on July 1, 2009. The family of three live in Essendon, Hertfordshire, England.

Matilda was born four years after her parent's marriage. She is 13 years old in 2022 and enjoys cosplay; She even has a private Instagram account called @i_cosplay_sometimes01.

Matilda Pegg with her mother Maureen Pegg on (RIght Frame) and her dad Simon Pegg (on Left Frame)
Matilda Pegg with her mother Maureen Pegg on (RIght Frame) and her dad Simon Pegg (on Left Frame)( Source : Ghanafuo )

Matilda was seen giving a back vocal during Coldplay's Glastonbury Festival performance. Her father is pals with Coldplay's singer, Christ Martins, who is also Matilda's godfather, whereas Simon is a godfather to Chris's children.

Maureen and Simon are excited to assist their daughter in becoming an outstanding actor and singer. It is more likely that she will soon follow her father into the spotlight.

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Maureen Pegg And Simon Pegg's Wedding

Maureen and Simon Pegg married on July 23, 2005, at St Simon's Church, Partick Cross, after dating each other for a while. As of 2022, they have been married for 17 years and are living happily with their daughter with no signs of divorce.

The wedding was fantastic and half-Catholic, and many guests commented that it was the loveliest wedding they had ever attended. Simon takes pride in that.

The couple's Glaswegian wedding reception was held at Oran Mor, where numerous parties were thrown.

Simon Pegg and his wife Maureen McCann. Simon Pegg reveals daughter made headline performance at Glastonbury Festival in 2016
Simon Pegg and his wife Maureen McCann. Simon Pegg reveals daughter made headline performance at Glastonbury Festival in 2016( Source : Gloucestershirelive )

Simon and Maureen met on a bus traveling away from the airport. According to him, a sophisticated mathematical computation determined that they would meet and end up together.

In an interview with the magazine Observer, he explained: "Maureen and I were either dating or attending the same performances together, but we were always missing one another. You might go as close to your soul mate as a meter, but for some reason, you just can't get that last fraction of an inch. I'm fortunate that I've already met mine. However, the entire quantum attraction process is like a drunk with a shotgun."

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