Snabba Cash Cast Member Evin Ahmad Height In Feet - Meet Her Husband Ardalan Esmaili

By Gaurav Thapaliya | August 14, 2022 10:55 AM

Snabba Cash (Easy Money) star Evina Ahmad who plays as a lead role in the show ( Source : Ilikevents )

Snabba Cash's Cast member Evin Ahmad stands 5 feet 3 inches tall, five inches smaller than her husband, Ardalan Esmaili. 

The well-known Swedish and Kurdish actress gained recognition after starring as the Silver Leaf-winning Mirja in the 2017 drama film "Dröm vidare" (Beyond Dreams). She rose to fame for her parts in the 2017 drama "Ingen s fin som du" and the 2007 fantasy comedy "Ett öga rött"(One eye is red.)

Her husband Ardalan Esmaili is well known for his role in the films Domino, White Wall, and Snöänglar. 

Evin Ahmad is receiving a lot of attention with the recent publication of the trailer for Snabba Cash, in which she portrays one of the key characters, Leya, a businesswoman and mother who needs money to build a company and is tied to an underworld figure. Her husband, Ardalan Esmaili is also a new cast member in the show.

Evin Ahmad Quick Facts:

Name Evin Ahmad
Birth Date8 June 1990
BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden
Home Town Akalla, Stockholm
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Father's NameAdel Ahmad
Mother's Name Narin Hamada
HusbandArdalan Esmaili
SiblingsAran Ahmad (Brother) One Sister(name unknown)

'Snabba Cash' Evin Ahmad Height In Feet

Evin Ahmed in Elle Sweden with wearing Acne Studios on May 2021
Evin Ahmed in Elle Sweden with wearing Acne Studios on May 2021 ( Source : Fashionmodeldirectory )

''Snabba Cash' Evin Ahmad stands 5 feet 3 inches tall (1.6 meters), 5 inches smaller than her husband Ardalan Esmaili, who stands 5 feet 8 inches tall.

She was always interested in the arts and was cast in her first significant part when she was 16. Reading, photography, studying, traveling, and internet browsing are just a few of her interests.

Who Is Evin Ahmad's Husband Ardalan Esmaili?

Evin Ahmad's husband, Ardalan Esmaili, is a 36-year-old Swedish actor born in Iran and best known for his roles in Greyzone, Charmer, and Domino. Ardalan was born in Tehran, but his family relocated to Sweden when he was a child.

Ardalan Esmaili pursued his education at Stockholm's University of Dramatic Arts. Following graduation, he worked at the Royal Dramatic Theatre alongside top actors from the Swedish acting scene, and presented his well-known monologue No Title at the Civic Theater in Stockholm.

Esmaili belongs to the White/Caucasian Ethnic group and follows the Islam religion.

Even Ahmed and her husband Ardalan Esmaili seen together in the trailer of new season of
Even Ahmed and her husband Ardalan Esmaili seen together in the trailer of new season of "Snabba Cash"( Source : Moviesr )

Ardalan attended Fridhem's Folk High School and the Stockholm Theater Academy, where Evin Ahmad also went. It is probable that they first met and began dating while students at the Stockholm Theater Academy. Their romance is thought to have begun in 2017.

In Svalöv, he received his diploma in 2012 and has since worked at Unga Klara, where he delivered his original monologue, which was later played at the Park Theater.

Evin and Ardalan can be seen together in the highly anticipated second season of Snabba Cash.

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Meet Evin Ahmad's Parents - Narin Hamada And Adel Ahmad

Evin Ahmad was born to parents Narin Hamada and Adel Ahmad on June 8, 1990, in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Evin's father is an actor from Iraq, Sulaymaniyah, a mountainous province in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  

Evin Ahmed on her Instagram posts the photo of her Natural Hair
Evin Ahmed on her Instagram posts the photo of her Natural Hair( Source : Instagram )

Evin's mother, Narin Hamada, is from Afrin, a city in northern Syria. Both of her parents are Kurds. Evin grew up in Akalla, Sweden, where she stayed for 22 years.  

Evin Ahmad Net Worth. 

Evina Ahmad is a millionaire with a net worth reported to be above $1 million. She has appeared in a number of films and television episodes, including The Rain, The Restaurant (2019), Livet I Mattelandet (2016), and 112 Aina.

She made her acting debut as Magda in the 2007 short film Till slut.

Is Evin Ahmad on Instagram?

Evin Ahmad is verified on Instagram under the handle @evinahmad. She has over 80K followers.

She uploaded a picture for the first time on the platform on June 25, 2020. It's been over two years since then, and she has 66 posts to offer insight into who she is and what she likes. 

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