Wednesday Actor George Burcea Height - How Tall Is He?

By Gaurav Thapaliya | August 19, 2022 07:55 AM

Wednesday star George Burcea who plays as Lurch in the series ( Source : Capital )

Wednesday actor George Burcea stands at a height of more than 6 feet. He is dating his girlfriend, Viviana Sposub, after separating from his wife, Andreea Bălan.

The Romanian actor debuted in 2012 in Thailand's O Luna. Other notable performances by him include Say Yes, Prietena mea e mafiota (2015), and the television series Comrade Detective (2018)

The first trailer for Wednesday, Tim Burton's take on the Addams Family series in which he portrays Lurch, has been released on Netflix recently. His acting career has been fantastic, and he has gained name and fame for his outstanding performances in several films and television shows.

Wednesday Star George Burcea Wikipedia

Wednesday Star, George Burcea is a Romanian actor born in Eforie Sud, Romania, on January 15, 1988. In 2015, he graduated from the National University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography.

George Burcea wishes her girlfriend who is famous Instagram artist Vivian Happy Birthday on Instagram
George Burcea wishes her girlfriend who is famous Instagram artist Vivian Happy Birthday on Instagram( Source : Instagram )

There is little information about his parents and siblings, but George has shared a few photos of his 85-year-old grandmother, who lives in Botosani, Romania. On his grandmother's 85th birthday, he went to see her with his two daughters.

George currently resides with his girlfriend Viviana Sposub, a famous social media star and TV Presenter. She is one of the most popular and wealthy Instagram stars, with a master's degree in communication and public relations.

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George Burcea Quick Facts 

NameGeorge Burcia
Date of BirthJanuary 15, 1988
Age34 years old
Height6 foot 2 inches
Ex-Wife Andreea Bălan
ChildrenClara Maria Burcea Bălan and Ella Bălan Burcea
GirlfriendViviana Sposub

George Burcea Height - How Tall Is He?

George Burcea stands at a height of 6'2'' (1.9m). The 34- year old has also been part of the Bollywood movie "Sing is Bling" alongside Indian superstar Akshay Kumar.

In addition, he has also given his role in another Bollywood movie, "Raaz Reboot".

Meet George Burcea Wife Andreea Bălan

George Burcea is in a relationship with his girlfriend Viviana Sposub after separating from his wife Andreea Bălan, a Romanian singer. 

They signed the divorce papers over a year ago. Pop singer Andreea Bălan was born in Romania on June 23, 1984. In 1994, Bălan made her television debut as a singer on the kids' program Ba da, ba nu.

When she was ten, her father, Săndel Bălan, taught her how to sing. She participated in several performances for children in Ploiești with several pieces that she had written.

She received four platinum certifications and one gold at the beginning of 2002 while performing with Andre(Musical Band) for having sold more than 1.2 million albums in Romania in just three years. Her tour in 2011 featured more than 150 concerts, which was a personal best for her solo career.

George with his ex-wife Andreea Bălan and two children as the war between Andreea Bălan and George Burcea moves to court
George with his ex-wife Andreea Bălan and two children as the war between Andreea Bălan and George Burcea moves to court ( Source : Tricksfast )

In Romania, Bălan is well known for her remarkable performances, fusing dance and music in shows that feature over ten costume changes.

Bălan relocated to Bucharest in 2004 from her parent's house in Ploiești, where she first met Teo Păcurar. The two were engaged in 2005, but their engagement ended in a breakup in 2006 over differences in living situations.

She had multiple relationships before marrying George Burcea in 2017. 

George Burcea Children

George Burcea has two children, Clara Maria Burcea Bălan and Ella Bălan Burcea, with his ex-wife Andreea Bălan. Ella is the older of the two, having been born in 2016. Clara was born three years later, in 2019.

Ella and Clara are three and five years respectively. Ella and Clara live with their mother in the house where they grew up, which George Burcea left behind.

George with his daughter Clara and Ella when visiting their Grandma from Botosan
George with his daughter Clara and Ella when visiting their Grandma from Botosan( Source : Instagram )

Burcea does not let the relationship with his ex-wife affect his children and believes that the interests of his children as the most important thing. George goes to visit Ella Maya and Clara Maria every week.

Burcea, in the show "Mirror," said he had made peace with his ex-wife and was pleased that she allowed him to be with other women.

George Burcea Net Worth

Given his successful career as an actor, George Burcea may have a net worth of nearly $1 million. However, there is no valid source that can support this claim.

According to ANAF reports, the actor's company, Goldstone Films SRL, which conducts film, video, and television production activities, earned 427% more revenue in 2020 than the previous year.

Popular Romanian Actor George Burcea
Popular Romanian Actor George Burcea ( Source : Instagram )

The company made a net profit of 73,907 lei and a position transfer of 129,633 lei. Despite the terrible circumstances created by the pandemic, George Burcea had a good financial year in 2020.

Although alimony payments to his ex-wife Andreea Bălan may have affected his net worth.

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