Long Story Short Fans Are Dying To Know Zahra Newman Age - Meet Her Parents

By Simran Pandey | August 15, 2022 04:33 AM

Zahra Newman in her 2021 rom-com movie,Long Story Short ( Source : Images )

Jamaican-Australian actress Zahra Newman, age 35, is well known for her performance in As You Like It.

She enthralled the viewers with her outstanding portrayal of the handsome Ganymede in Bell Shakespeare's newest play as a male. As she made her way through her career, she was cast as a lead in a short romantic comedy movie, Long Story Short.

Since moving to Australia at age 14, she has embarked on a career as an actress with multiple theater productions under her belt. Long story short, who is this ebony beauty?

Quick Facts About Zahra Newman

Stage NameZahra Newman
Real NameZahra Newman
BirthplacePort Antonio, Jamaica
Education Victorian College of the Arts

Long Story Short: Who Is Zahra Newman? Wiki Biography

According to Wikipedia, Long Story Short star Zahra Newman is a 35-year-old Jamaican-Australian actress born in Port Antonio in Jamaica. 

The actress was raised in Kingston before moving to Australia with her mother when she was 14. 

Newman had a lifelong passion for the performing arts, which she discovered through her involvement with Father HoLung and Friends, a Missionaries of the Poor, a group that performs drama and music with a Caribbean touch.

She later had the opportunity to perform with Harvest Rain Theatre Company, which helped develop her talent and passion. 

Newman in Bell Shakespeare's New Production as Rosalind in As You Like It
Newman in Bell Shakespeare's New Production as Rosalind in As You Like It( Source : Eightnightsaweek )

For her roles in The Mountaintop and The Government Inspector, the Long Story Short actress received nominations for two Helpmann Awards, Best Female actor in a play and Best Female Actor in Supporting Role in a Play. She won a Green Room Award for Random in 2012. 

The actress and singer has worked with major theatre companies in Australia, but she is best known for her appearance as Rosalind in the 2015 production of As You Like It. In addition to that, she appears as a lead in the 2021 Romantic Comedy movie Long Story Short.

Zahra Newman's Age Disclosed

The Jamaican-Australian actress Zahra Newman, age 35, was born in 1987. At 14, she made the trip to Australia with her mother to start her life anew. 

Newman walked the stage with other Victorian College of Arts students to receive her diploma in 2008.

She received her first award at 25 in 2012, when she was awarded Green Room Award for Female Actor for her performance in Random.

Newman received a breakthrough in her career in 2015 at age 28 with As You Like It. Zahra started her television career in 2010 when she was just 23. She first appeared in two episodes of Rush and two years later in a short movie called Hold. 

Her career took off after these appearances, and she was cast in the lead role when she was 34.

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Meet Zahra Newman's Parents

Zahra Newman was born to Jamaican parents. She hasn't been particularly forthcoming about her personal life, and little is known about her parents. However, she migrated to Australia with her mother when she was 14, hinting that her parents weren't together or her father died at a young age.

Newman's mother has been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout her career, yet she still felt like an outsider in the industry.

Since she is an immigrant, she still struggles with accepting specific roles. Considering that Wake Up Fright is a one-woman stage adaptation of the classic Australian Wake in Fright, Newman was hesitant to participate in the film.

Zahra Newman in One-Woman Stage Adaptation of Novel, Wake In Fright
Zahra Newman in One-Woman Stage Adaptation of Novel, Wake In Fright( Source : Cdn )

It was performed in major cities of Australia like Melbourne and Sydney. The main character, Newman, tells the story of the everyday toxic masculinity that causes unpleasant relationships in the novel adaptation, Wake In Fright.

Although the actress was quite hesitant, the show was a great hit, and The Age said, "brilliant, bold and deeply unnerving theatre" about the show. 

We may anticipate that the excellent actress will continue to produce intriguing work after winning various awards, appearing in numerous productions, and acting in the lead role.

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